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RIDAY JUNE 13 2008 ElTERTAIXMtNT JUNE 13 2008 RIDAY MORNINGATERNOON A AubumOpelika Bcauregard Beaulah Lafavette LanettValley NotasulgaIoachapoka Station i SportsCenter (CC) SportsCenter(CC) SportsCenter (CC) i US Open Extra rom Torrey Pines in San ESPN 28! 29 15 Soccer: Euro 2008 Italy vs Romania 30 Daily Mass 21 23 19 28124131 27 29 House House ox and riends King of King of That 70s I That 70s Malcolm theHill theHill Ishowft Shown I Mid Malcolm Malcolm 1 King of King of Spin CityTSpIn City Movie Hot Chick" (2002 Comedy) Mid Mid theHill the Hill (CC) (CC) Rob Schneider Anna ans Mid HALL 57 un Shul 17124 24 33 Dog Whisperer Dogs 27131 26 44 29 28 34 34 2 SPIKE 1 30 34121 RNT Stealth i' Outdoors 14 36 35 35 33 gram 131 9 13 TBS 10 36 6 5 Bell 25 Charmed ft (CC) Paid 69I Monk(CC) 38 54 32 Lopez Lopez ISTARZ I700I I II ASSOCIATED PRESS i lEEMElIBCMHroi DIP I "uwrws Utlllt Ht WW tWillwinim The Waltons Hunf(CC) inal Score Without a Trace Martin Chall rasier ft rasier ft (CC) (CC) Movie "The (2001) (PA) Brad Pitt Julia Roberts (CC) 17141 JAG After rancescaCC) HIST '70 27 17 Eliminate Debt Total War Tactics (CC) Matlock ft (CC) Suite I Suite rsr iMi Little House on the I Little House on the Prairie Prairie (CC) A rzrv si i rn en crap sanrina sannna isihd mr il inn iiih iuuliuu iuui uiimurH uiris run run rii I PlU IAIMaIs i Cinn zv 1 4kA I I in Untiea Uaii aisici3ioi0i ifiivn Homicide: Life I WGN News Movie "Twitches Suite Movie of Love" (1 989) Romeo Paid Pro gram 4 "She Devil" I (:05) Movie (2000) ft Golf US Open Championship Second Outside the Lines Round rom Torrey Pines in San Diego irst Report (CC) Malcolm Malcolm Mid 33118 33 20 16 32 27 Baby Law Order man" (CC) (DVS) 11 5 6 37 17 1 40 Today in History Paid Pro Money gram ft i Now STAOI8M SEATING HANco*ck1 ADVANCE TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! THE INCREDIBLE HULK PG13 DLP 1 :00 1 :45 2:00 4:00 4:30 4:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 THE HAPPENING CJLP 100 1:15 3:15 330 5:30 5:45 7:45 8:00 1090 10:15 THE 13TH ALLEY DLP 1:15 320 5257309:35 ZOHAN PG13OLP 1304:157009:35 KUNG RJ PANDA PG OLP 1 D0 1 :15 3:15 330 530 5:45 7:45 8:00 10:00 10:10 SEX AND THE CITY ROLP 100 400 7001000 THE STRANGERS dlp 1304:157009:45 INDIANA JONES PG13DLP 1004007:151000 NARNIA II PGOLP 1304:45800 WHAT HAPPENS PG13OP 1304:107:159:40 IRON MAN PG13 DLP 100 400700930 ON JUNE 13 1966 the Supreme Court issued its landmark Miranda Ari zona decision ruling that criminal suspects had to be informed of their constitu tional right to consult with an attorney and to remain silent before being ques tioned by police IN 1886 King Ludwig II of Bavaria drowned in Lake Starnberg IN aviation hero Charles Lindbergh was hon ored with a ticker tape pa rade in New York City IN 1935 James Braddock i claimed the title of world heavyweight boxing champi on from Max Baer in a 15 round fight in Long Island City NY IN 1944 Germany began launching flying bomb at tacks against Britain during World Warn IN 1957 the Mayflower II a replica of the ship that brought the Pilgrims to America in 1620 arrived at Plymouth Mass after a nearly two month journey from England IN 1967 President Johnson nominated Solicitor General Thurgood Marshall to be come the first black justice on the US Supreme Court IN 1971 The New York Times began publishing ex cerpts of the Pentagon Pa pers a secret study of Ameri involvement in Vietnam IN 1981 a scare occurred during a parade in London when a teenager fired six blank shots at Queen Eliza beth IN 1983 the US space probe Pioneer 10 launched in 1972 became the first spacecraft to leave the solar system as it crossed the orbit of Neptune IN 1996 the 81 day old reemen standoff ended as 16 remaining members of the anti government group sur rendered to the BI and left their Montana ranch TEN YEARS AGO: Civil rights leaders and politicians called for an end to racial violence as hundreds of mourners gathered in Jasper Texas for the funeral of James Byrd Jr a black man who was brutal ly killed by white suprema cists President Clinton visit ed Thurston High School in Springfield Ore where two students were killed and 22 others wounded by a student gunman the previous month IVE YEARS AGO: US forces killed 27 Iraqi fighters after the Iraqis attacked an Ameri can tank patrol north of Baghdad' Israel broadened its campaign against Pales tinian militants saying it would strike political as well as military leaders who tar geted Israel with terrorism Hundreds of pro cleric mili 1 tants and security forces in Tehran clashed with Irani ans throughout the capital ONE YEAR AGO: In Beirut Lebanon a powerful car bombing killed Walid Eido a prominent anti Syrian legis lator Insurgents blew up the two minarets of a revered Shiite shrine in Samarra Iraq a year after the golden dome was destroyed 1 in a bombing 7th Heaven ft (CC) 7th Heaven i Little House on the Prairie (CC) 24 11 26 11 I 25)35 41 Backyard Dora Paid Pro Star Trek: Voyager The Shield gram ft (CC) (CC) wwwoonowcom OPELIKA AUBURN NEWS JQ I Saved by Saved by i Saved by Saved by Bell Bell I Bell Bell gram OddPar 'OddParJ Sponge Dora (:05) Movie Prestige" (2006) Move I (:05) Movie Ugly" (2000) ft Ducks (:45) Movie oiue stress aaa (uuj joeoj movie oemaro ana irons zuw muvic umnimiiicm ER Appy I Las Vegas "Died in Plain (CC) ESPN229 IEWTN AM XNWS 136 Color Dime ing Cnt (Design (Splash Movie (2005 Suspense) Down Paid Pro gram Sponge Sponge Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol ft 18 If 35 MSNBC News Live MSNBC News Live (MSNBC News Live Best Dance Crew 2: The Live Auditions I TRLjiTV) The Heal Mary Mag dalene (CC) Drake Drake Most Amaz Ing Videos Sponge Sponge Most Amaz ing Videos ft 8 18 MSNBC News Live Legally Blonde ft Toothed Titans Carol Duvall Get Mar ried Orgnz Golden Girls Inshore ishing In isher man Home Improve 68 2 14 6 The Waltons The Typewriter (CC) Dogfights (CC) Knock outs Yes Dearo Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol 6 Match point Power boat peal Golden Girls TMSNBC News Live MSNBC News Live Hillbillies Hlllbilliw Law Order: Criml nal Intent (CC) abulous Life Of Tommy Wilcox Golf Life Movie Dundee" (1965 Western) Charlton! Baby iBaby Law Order Arrest Arrest 24 Hour Design Will Grace Paid Pro 1 Paid Pro 1 Slim gram gram What I Did The Nanny SEC TV Poker Superstars Invitational 06 Paid Pro Paid Pro gram 4 39 1 39 f3ll si i zs i a zois Bush Hog Trail Show Just Shoot Life at the Arctic Edge Sponge Sponge World's Most Arnaz Ing Videos Whitetail Prop Sprtsman Adv Home Improve Heston Richard Harris Jim Hutton (CC) Younger Younger Baby America i Will Grace lats Class Paint ball Yes Dear Modern Marvele Dogfights (CC) Engines" 'I Designed I Design i Design iDecorat Divine oeii unite mine Carmi Cinemas has made the BIG switch to DLP Cinema Technology DLP Digital Projection 4 Wmnsingie 2111 UST UNIVERSITY PRIME 334 501 0401 ER (CC) Bloom Politan: Open Court Jami loyd: Best Defense CheersJust Sanford AIIamllyi Hillbillies Hillbillies Law Order: cnmi nal Intent (CC) reshet Steve Wilkos Nash Bridges (CC) SoitJPNnes Touched by an An gelo(CC) Dogfights Tuskegee Airmen" (CC) House CurbAp Hunters peal Mnvia Druuilv Look of Love' (2000) Jordan Ladd Vincent Spano (CC) A Clive Owen Jennifer Aniston (CC) A2 24 BigfootBindi lBaby Charmed Luck" (CC) Paid Paid Big 12 Show Just Shoot 50 26 35 33 25 LIE MSNBC 55 MTV I34 NGC NICK 44 57 Law Order: Crimi nal Intent (CC) Meoa Yachts TBA Cosby Cosby (Rose TCM TLC TNT 41 26 MSNBC News Live Legally Blonde Honey Badgers Paid Pro gramo Paid Pro gram inal inal Score' i Score 75 40 39 TRUTV 149 22 8 4 58123 '750! 500i 14 2 116 35 Life on the Rock Sister I Sister Sister I Sister The Live Desk Hillbillies Hillbillies Law Order: Crimi nal Intent a (CC) Elton John: Me Tempt TBA Nash Bridges (CC) Montana Banfield ord: Courtside Hillbillies Hillbillies HlllblliiesH illbiilles Hillbillies Hillbillies Law Order: crimi nal Intent o(CC) abulous Life Of Rose (Degrassl SPSO 1 59 SS 26 Born Wild Nature's newborns Pets Dora the Explorer Max 43 41 4 SportsCenter (CC) (500) Mike and Mike In jhe Morning (Live) (CC) Chaplet Rosary Daily Mass Sister i sister Euro 08 Soccer: UEA Euro 2008 Station I Man Mercy Rosary Sabrina i Sabrina ull iull Witch Witch I House House America's Pulse i Studio Smlth 1 1 Malcolm Mid Law Order: Crlmi nal Intent a (CC) Hogan Hogan All of Us What I Home Videos Suite "Suite steins iMovie The One" (2001) rr Blood Movie NK Panda 4 ijoe Louis Hero mn Movie uu iuwwiovw 1 1 I 7 aa la flafl uai'liili fa TV AAabbI a kOflfl fl i 1 4 1D (5:40) Hot to Trot (:05) HUNUSllhMiam iMovie inesxereron ney ElT movie pram uuriairianriyuefr rnwn 15) Movie Reed ish" (2007) iMovie "A Very Movie (2006) Bobby U5rt)5) MoviPwiiiiw Hood: Men In (CC) (:20) (:45) Movie (2006) 'R'g (:45) Starz Inside (CC) T1 :50) Urban Outsider Balanc ing Act (5:00) Morning Joe Wild Out Walk It Out Sparks I Best Dance Crew 2: The Live Auditions Paid Pro Paid Pro 1 Paid Pro 1 Paid Pro Dogs gram gram gram Home Home Improve Improve Movie Ahoy!" (1952 Movie IteshliwfonSepfuMovie Night in Casa Knew" Esther Williams Joan Evans (CC) Jack Benny (CC) (1946 Comedy)" Baby Baby Baby Jon Kate Jon Kate What Not to Wear Hi 5 Wilbur Angel (UU) mag Night Ct Design JAG o(CC) (5100) Jump Start (5:00) The Daily Buzz ChanglnglBelleyersi Hillbillies Hillbillies Matlock (CC) Wiggles i Bunny Einsteins 'Mickey Handy Tigger1 Scent blocker Cam Beach Volleyball: AVP Crocs Tour TVLND USA VH1 WBG 1151 WGN DSNY ENC HBO MAX Dogfights Am Dogfights of bush" (CC) the Japanese Navy" Sensible CurbAp Mission: Design Across unic The Nanny Star Trek vnvsuiM The Sh (CC) (CC) ACC All Access magic jack resh I resh Prince Prince Diego (Live) (CC) ESPN irst Takeo (Live) (CC) Religious Holy flilmAra ftlrle "Cm in Wonderland Now Angelica Llve Abundant Life i 1 1 Witch i Step 6l the Life America's Newsroom 2S 1 ch I a I I I dTeTIT TV 411o Workpice Curious ChfforJsuper i Dragon Sesame Street Big Big Word Barney I Caillou Reading Between Dragon Super Clifford Bob the I I7 1 Skills George Red Why! Tales (El) (CC) (DVS) World World riends i(CC) Rainbow the Lions Teles Whyl Red Builder uicn lanl Curious Clifford I Super iDragon Sesame Street Curious Super I Barney I Caillou TeletubTword I Between Comfy Cliff Pup Super Curious Cyber Jir 5 lWl P7 George Red Whyi Tales (EI)jCC) (DVS) George Why! riends bies IWorld I the Lions Couch Why! George chase WIT7 vl Today Kenny Chesney work attire: Jane Krakowski (N) (CC) The 700 Club (CC) The BeanCorEvo7TDays of our Lives The People's Court Golf: US Open WLTZ 13 4 5 10 5 8 1 lution (N)o(CC) (CC) Championship wddi L1 The Early Show Mark Wahlberg (N) Be a Mil 1 Be a MH 1 Daytime (CC) I The Price Is Right IWRBL The Young and the Bold 1 As the World Turns Guiding Light (N) 3 11 3 3 4 14 (CC) 2 lionalre I lionalre J(N)o(CC) Midday Restless (N) (CC) Beautiful (N)6(CC) (CC) uucca a News(N) i Today Kenny Chesney work attire Jane Krakowski (N) (CC) News(N) Access News(N) Days of our Lives I Judge Golf: US Open WSA 12 10 12 12 12 12 (CC) (N) (CC) Judy(N) Championship urizA (5:00) The Daily Bus Judge Judge Paid Pro 1 Paid Pro 1 Tempta Paid Pro 1 Paid Pro Cosby I Cosby Rose Rose Degrassl: Allot Us What I "LUft I 1 Lopez Lopez gram gram tiono jgram igram Show Show anneo anneo Next (CC) Like umm a 1 Good Morning America Cyndi Lauper Live With Regis and The Ellen DeGe TheVlewChevy News(N) Paid Pro 1 All My Children (N) One Life to Live (N) Montel Williams WTVM 9 12 9 9 10 (N) (CC) Kelly (N) (CC) neres Show (CC) Chase Tina Brown gram o(CC) (CC) State" Iuvtv a News (N) iJoyce Animal Judge Judge ibivorce Divorce Judge Judge Paid Pro 1 Paid Pro Judge Judge The Tyra Banks Jerry Springer 2 11 Meyer Atlas (El) Brown Brown I Court Court Judy(N) Judyo gram gram Hatchett Young Shown (CC) (CC) 420 27 2225 TOrdWatcMCC)" CoiasiieCoid Case iles Cold Case iles Cold Case iles CSI: Miami (CC) i Cold Case iles Coldaseiles iT IT Movie ITte ury" (1978) kirk Douglas Nefarious Movie og" (1980 Horror) Adri 'Movie amu jz i20 28 1 government agents kidnap a young telepath enne Barbeau Hal Holorook (CC) Maine bad pen name takes over Goodnight" (1996 Action) det tL AA L(5 OoYbET Morning Equals I Blueprint Hell Date I Hell Date I Hell Datel Hell Date Hell Date I Hell DatejHell Date Hell Date Hell DateHell Date Hell Date BET 73l34 30 1 28 41 39 MC2 j(CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) CNBC 56'4bt4br48 (5:00) Squawk Box Boston (Live) (CC) Squawk on the Street "The Call (CC) Power Lunch (CC) Street Signs (CC) Closing Bell (CC) CNN 46)37 32 6 1 30 3 21 (5:00) American Morning (CC) Newsroom Your World Today Newsroom Ei 14 Paid Pro KODAK "Movie Party IV" (2000) Marquesi Dally i Colbert I Premium Comic Com MADtvo MADtv Vivica A oxjDaiiy Colbert Scrubs Scrubs COMP 53 21) 47 grain Houston Donen Wilson (CC) Show Report Blend Remix Presents (CC) (CC) Show (Report (CC) (CC) 1 I iL l' P90X Life To Joyce Paid Pro How They Do Cash Cab Cash Cab Deadliest Catch How How Mostly True Stories A Haunting A Haunting Mary DISC 37 24 25 26 32 30 17 day Meyer gram Made the Edge" Made Made Urban legends of the (CC) Vogel (CC) I52 i Bloomberg TV El News Daily 10 Laci Peterson: True Hollywood Story Amber rey: THS News Dally 10 Young Royals 20 Most Horrifying Hollywood Murders RIDAY ATERNOONEVENING JUNE132008 A AuburnOpelika Beauregard Beaulah Lafavette LanettValley NotasulgaLoachapoka GmjthsJ5tation ch a Cvber Arthurs rdGIretchl Curious I Business The NewsHour With Alabama Stories or the Record (CC) Bill Moyers Journal Wash McLaughJBBC Tavis WAIQ 7 7 (E) (N) With George Rpt Jim Lehrer (N) (CC) (N)o(CC) Week lin World Smiley etch) WordGIrl Arthurs I etch! The NewsHour With Wolf: I Steves Globe Trekker Georgia Georgia Supernatural Scl Tavis Business 'AusUn City Limits WJSP 5 10 10 7 Wth (E) Ej with'' Jim Lehrer (N) Travels Europe Hand Wales" Traveler Outdoors ence Smiley Rpt Wilco (CC) aI a tL7 4 Golf: US Open Oprah Winfrey (CC) News NBC News TMZN) Outra Outra Dateline NBC (CC) Every The Tonight Show Late WLTZ 13 4 5 10 5 58 Championship News 1 (CC) geous geous Raymond With Jay Leno (N) Night "77 Rachael Ray o(CC) WRBL irst Edl WRBL Evening Jeop Wheel of Ghost Whisperer NUMB3RS WRBL Late Show With Da Late Late WRBL 3 11 3 3 4 4 tl0n(N) Evening News ardyl(N) ortune Claw" (CC) (CC) Daughters" (CC) Night vid Letterman GoU: US Open Thein Judge News(N) NBC L) News (N) Entertain Outra Outra Dateline NBC (CC) News (N) The (Tonight Show Late WSA 12 10 12 12 12 12 championship elder (N) Brown (CC) News (CC) ment geous geous (CC) With Jay Leno (N) Night 7 7flReba a Reba a The Steve Wilkos Still Still King of King of WWE riday Night SmackDown! (N) Sex and Sex and Will Bernie Bernie WLGA 6 6 21 42 3 56 (CC) (CC) Shown (CC) Standing Standing Queens Queens (CC) the City jtheCIty Grace I Graceo Mac Mac 7777 7 AA A A 7 General Hospital (N) News (N) News (N) News (N) ABC Inside Entertain I unniest Accord Accord 2020 (CC) News (N) (:35) 1:06) Jimmy Kimmel WTVM 9 12 9 9 74 10 (CC) News Edition ment Home Videos (CC) Ing Jim Ing Jim Nightllne Live (N) (CC) 777" I I 77 Maury Paternity Simp King of One on One on My Wife Half 4 Movie Homicide" (2003 News (N) Seinfeld Meet Mv olks Paradise Hotel 2 WXTX 8 3 8 2 8 11 results (CC) sons theHill Oneo Oneo and Kids Halfo Action)HarrisonordCCJ(CC 142'20127! I21I29I25 Cold Case iles Cold Case iles Cold Case iles CSI: Miami (CC) CSI: Miami (CC) CSI: Miami (CC) CSI: Miami Criminal Minds CSI Miami (CQ 7 (1:30) Long Movie 2: Judgment Day" (1991 Science ic Movie rom New York" Movie (1976)Jeff Bridges An oil mogul seels i AMC 32 20 28 ton) Arnold Sctwarzenegger Linda Hamilton 'R'(CC) (1981 Action) Kurt Russell to exploit a monstrous ape in New York PG(CC) 777 777777 777 77 AA Hell Date liiell Date Rap City (N) (CC) 1 106 Park: Top 10 Live Movie Somebody Help Me" (2007 Hop Iron Ring (CC) Be'lDae K'ent BET 7334 30 28 41 39 (CC) (CC) MC Battle (N) (CC) Home (N) ror) Marques Houston Omarion (CC) (CC) (CC) World World CNBC 40i 48 Closing Bell (CCj ast Money Mad Money Kudlowt Company ast Mny Net TSuze Orman The Big Idea Suze Orman CNN 4637321'6 21 The Situation Room Lou Dobbs Tonight Election Center Larry King Live Anderson Cooper 360 (CC) Larry King Live I 'TJ 7 MADtvo Movie 'Juwanna (2002) Miguel RENO Scrubs Scrubs o1 Daily Colbert Chap Chap Live at Gotham (CC)i Lewis Black: Black Com Com COMD 53 21 47 (cc) A NOffez Jr Vivlca A ox (CC) 9111 (CC) (CC) Show Report pelle's pelles onBroadway(CC) Presents Present aaa a' I a7777 Cash Cab Cash Cabl How How Man vs Wild Man vs Wild Man vs Wild GrMnsbura DISC 37 24 25 26 32 30 17 tfle Ee" Made Made Tornado (il) Survivor awaf(CC) dort(CC) Tornado (N) 7 THS Investigates: Curse of the Lottery WlldCopCbelsea El News Dally 10 THS: Vegas Winners Losers "Soup jRlcherds El News Chelsea Daily 10 Sou ESPN 28 29 24 11 26 IS NLLIve Rome' Golf US Open Championship Second Round rom Torrey Pines in San Diego (Live) (CC) SportsCenter (Live) (CC) (jte(N)L ESPN2 29 30 25 35 41 Soccer: EA Hot List NL Live NASCAR Burning NASCAR Race Boxing Boxlng ndayNiqht ights (Live) (CC) Boxing SportsCenter (CC) EWTN 21 7" Hermie Story amily Suffering Saints Saints Daily Mass The World Over Life RosaryDefendReasonsjRome Back Daily Mjss 7777L aaL IA Whatl Whatl Gilmore Girls I BSimple 8 Simple 'Movie Matthew Broderick Jean Reno A gi Americs's unniest The 700 Club (CC) Whose Whose AM 23 19 28 24 31 27 29 ike Like Ruleso Rules ant mutated lizard wreaks navoc in New York (CC) Home Videos (CC) Line? Llne2 XNWS 36 Your World Election HQ Special Report ox Report The O'Reilly ecioTHanntty ColmesHOn Recori The O'Reilly actor Hannity Colmes 77 77 LI 7 King of King of That I That 70s That 70s That 70s Movie bv the Doaen Movie by the Dozen 2" 30 9ays in Ml) Movte 35 theHill theHill Shown Shown Shown Shown (2005 Comedy) Steve Martin Premiere (200o) Steve Martin Bonnie Hunt a Wheelchair Mostmnted kT Little House on Walker Texas Walker Texas Movie Sacrifices otthe (2007) 7 Murder She Wrote Murder She Wrote HALL 57 Prairie (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) Ranger Ranger n(CC) Melissa Gilbert CynlO Reilly (CC) Unwilling Witness Kendo Killing 7" 7 Dogfights "Air Am Dogfights of Dogfights Modern Marvels Modem Marvels Ice Road Truckers Shockwave (N) (CC) Bathe 360 of Mn Marvels HIST 70 5 a the Japanese Navy" (CC) Engines" Shocking" of the Earth" the Enemy" (CC) Most Shocking 7 7a 1 Get Out Way Out IfWalls What You Open Hidden House1 House Designed Hidden Color Divine House I House Get It Parente Designed Hidden 43 41 xk Outoor Could Get House Potential Worth? 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(N) ft Sex 4jSex Will J16 B18 WGN 22 8 TT iT 5 I 6 Cosby Cosby Sister Sister funniest unniest Home Videos Movie "Autumn in New York" (2000) atjUne Scrubs Scrubs iChap ICTap DSNY" 58123! 37 ifST Suite Isute ISuitTifevle WSdioof Mustek (CC) Movie Life De Suite Montana Raven Phl ENC T' TAOMWrtr (:40) Movie j( 15) Movie iMovie (:45) Movie Bone HBO Ism' 14 2 1 16 2 18 Mr David McCullough Hone (:15) Movie BIue (1999) (CC) iMovie (2007) ft'R'(CC) 4Con jCon Diplomatic Sioge MAX SmTisIitI il46 16 (2'30) Must Pte R' I at Odgemont" Massacre" Mote sylL: SHOW Iw' 1518 17 151 '32 Movte Doom" 5) Movie This American Life Penn JPenn Elite XC ISTARZ ITU! I I i teind Movie (1996) i3'JngMovie 121(30)jtwndgw EEMEII3IEIIHE GEMBEinnEjnHE IZESSKIEi) 7 2.

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