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19 The Afro American Baltimore Saturday October 12 1929 kly rooms blew of RACE 1 er i HOUSES i the APARTMENTS White Supreme $300 r2C WILLYS KNIGHT Newsi of the Wortd with largest Ave 4 i Sedan 1 In nd Sedan AND A SI I HIRAM SMITH a HELP WANTED 1 I avenue (Chevrolet fDirect actory Dealers 1 Coupe i Chevrolet at Biddle St i In The 5 Miscellaneous The Afro American $950 Apply to The I ti The Afro American 6 LOOK A 5 1 rcor ished fl CARS kitchen water re The 4 the be for $45000 $39500 $42500 CH It Roa deter ORD Coupe IiniCKCoupe NASH Sedan OLDSMOBILE Coach (1927) Q928) (19281 (1929) ESSEX Sdan( PEERLESS Sedan OAKLAND Landau Sedan DODGE Coupel CHRYSLER Cptipc CHEVROLET Touring ESSEX Coachi late $249 1 34 io 9 $66 a 1501 1221 1228 609 1517 609 1300 for located in Catonsville for Heavy iv vvvuw 1928 1928 1928 A JL PRODUCTS CO8IPANY T1 Street Chicago (IL Ji tid bits in TOO 'I i Shall White Women Wed Black? It Asks NASH Adv Sedan RANKLIN Brougham BUICK Coach BUICK Touring PONTIAC Landau 1929 WHIPPET Sedan 1929 ESSEX Coach Challenge 1928 HUDSON Sedan I 1929 ESSEX Coupe 1934 RANKLIN Sedan 1927 HUDSON Roadster 1829 REO WOLVERINE Sedan 1929 1928 1928 1925 1926 1927 1 Q9T 1926 i CHEVROLET Sedan 1926 Coupe Rumble 1927 1 BUICK 4 Pass Coupe 1925 CADILLAC Sedan 1927 I CHEVROLET Sedan 19271 BUICK Coupe RumblfC Public Auction RIDAY OCT 21st 4 Houses lats and Rooms for Rent ire Tornado and Wind Storm Insurance 476 $38 485 i 4300 r4250 4125 1340 54500 i4825 4225 4550 $275 j4400 4300 1 9 2 8 1 RAH A PA I 1926 1926 1927 I I School jATTERN CUTTING SMO AH iKinds ancy Work Incl Clasi or Individual Instrui miilPLETB COURSE rs ir k'an He Arranged In Pa I I Wednesday Evenings 1 92 4 1925 $300 to 1937 dlODGl 'J Sedan 1928 CHEVROLET Coupe 1927 TONTIAC Sport Roadster 1 928 OAKLAND Coach i I 928 PONTIAC Coui I "ROM 850 TO 4150 A A8 motion Picture Cameraman or Portrait Pictog raphy Learn at Home spare time cata log REE New York Institute of Pho tography 19 33rd St jNew Locomobile Tourin 1923 Or Call Vernon 6016 3 story brick subject to $78 ground rent Will make liberal loan on purchase price Pleasants 1 1011 Munsey Bldg Plaza 6805 oct 19 Touring iTouring $500 Inc St teed to give satisfaction or yotJ have to pay Chevrolet Coacji Chevrolet Coupe 1925 Chevrolet Coach 1926 Chevrolet Coupe 1923 1926 1926 AGENT WANTED Block Carrollton Block Carey St Block Strieker St Block Gilmor St Block Nl Mount St 4 OR RENT 4 19211 1 929 1928 Chevrolet Coach 1928 1928 Chevrolet Sedan 19271 1925 1 928 CHEVROLET Roadster 1 927 (CHEVROLET Coach 1928 ESSEX Sedan" 1927 1926 1924 1926 1 926 1 927 925 WI LLyS KNlGHT $5ob pTO $17500 $13500 $19500 iSL 00 $9000 815000 $9000 5 132500 As $28500 Pierce Arrow 7 passenger xp UIHIO Jordan 7 paasenger Buick 7 passenger Buick 5 passenger Sedan 192 5 1926 irti 1926 1926 1925 1926 25 Other CHEVROLETS and ORDS and up to Park Qircle Motor Co Direct Chevrolet 3426 REISTERSTOWN RD ABOVE PARK I Phond for a DemonstrationLierty CISOO Always Open Circulation Dept I Of The '1 WANTED! NEWSDEALERS AND STORES BANKRUPT AND BARGAIN SALES Big Profits'? We start you furnishing every thing DISTRIBUTORS Dept 320 420 Superior Chicsjra Mrs Josie Stevens Maraaret Williams 1 Arnett risbv bookkeep ing and accounting John Lyle CHEVROLET CHEVROLET CHEVROLET tr WV CHEVROLET Landau $2100o CHEVROLET CHEVROLET CHEVROLET CHEVROLET CHEVROLET CHEVROLET CHEVROLET Touring CHEVROLET coacn ORD Coufe ORD Sedan ORD Roadster DODGE Sedan PEERLESS Sedan DODGE Roadster gfl 1928 1928 1926 1926' ord Ton Panel 1 925 ord Ton Panel 1925 Dodge Screen Sides 1 1 925 ord Ton Dump Body stake Body Houses and Apartments or Rent Very Cheap If you are thinking of moving I can get you suited I have 2 and 3 story housesand various size apartments for rent Apply MRS HARRIS 2442 Eutaw Place Lafayette I486 WHY WORK OR LESS Wi pn te pay more? Sei! HINDU Medicines and Toilet Preparations etc Part or ull time Male of female No experience nec cissarv Write today for ree sample case ree utuvciy HINDU till St So Stale OR SALE We have many modern homes in two story and three story houses ini any section you may desire to live that can be bought cheap to ready buyers story 2400 blk Druid Hill Ave 900 blk North remont '300 blk North Carrollton Ave 3 story 300 blk Moshr St 1400 blk Lanvale St 500 blk Carey St Apply 1905 Eutaw Place Lafayette 3297 I I Special Bliiia people can earn much money sell ing mir naner touch we have special rates for them HELP INSTRUCTION TRAVEL 1 MAKE SECRET investigations Experience unnecessary Particulars free Write American Detective System 2190 Broadway New I York GET A BREAK! SURE WINNER! NO JOKE! 300 Three Hundred Lucky plumbers 300 i row Are Sure to tilt: zsarsrains Tnat xou nuve ou All Sections City and Suburban THESE OVER! Mount St i Myrtle Ave i Riggs Ave rancis St I i hl Madison SL i I i Gold St 1 Woodbrook Ave i Stricker St Dolphin St PERSONAL i LODESTOTtE I Rabbit oot airy Stones Herbs Parchment" Books Catalog ree Dean Co Newark Mo NOTHING DOWN I TO PROPERTY OWNERS I Coach $569 ord Sport Roadster $495 3 5 $376 ad verti sed by a I ERC ARROW DEALER can rest assul6d that the car is in A condition Here we offer five suit able! for luxury or conven ience at very low prices 1 I 1 RANKLIN Coupe BUICK $1000 11 12 A 12 1 30 groimale for reasons that I had bet ter not go imp nere I Nature Seeks a Way Out Ot course I know that I will be roundly denounced in certain racially patriotic circles for having told the above mentioned truths which I could have made even stronger yet But as I have pointed out many times before this desire of colored women lor white men is but another manifestation of the workings of the caste system Lower caste white women are also eager to have chil dren for upper caste white men Also the very same thing is true within the Negro group itself or the Jews or any other people It is just hu man nature which is forever seeking advantage cr the way out Modem Negro slavery existed for nearly four centuries in Europe or get not that Negro slaves were also bought and sold in England Old auction rooms in Liverpool and Bris tol Eill exist War and trade tiave also brought over large numbers cf Negroes to England and dumped them there Large numbers of them come as sea men and are paid off in England There are no Negro women and the very same thing takes place as when the white man goes to Africa where there are no white women And the white woman on her part shows almost as much willingness to take the black man' a the Negro woman to take the white man All of this: slavery war trade are but crude way cf bringing about that mixing between black ana whte which has gone on as far back in history as we can go bOUGLASS" NIGHT SCHOOL HAS 11 00 I automobiles Are a i Necessity 141 1 They AreConvenii 1 1 I I Tool often we hear people say automobiles are a luxury they cannot afford when as a matter of fact an automobile is ane i cessity theysorely need We have used cars priced so low that every one can afford one 1 Piedmont Motor Co! 1321 1333 MONROE ST Phone Madison 8586 WM A JACKSON Mgr ACCESSORIES 'Betholine andji Texaco Motor Oils and Gas i 1 DUCO INISHING Expert 'Repairing WASHING I tr OR 1927 HUDSON Coach $425 completely equipped with trunk Good rubber 2809 Windsor avenue Lafayette 1875 51119 Wilson Street I Phone Madison 9479 IXING WORRIES INGUSH PRESS 1 i Vhat Shall be Done With Mulatto Babies? Queries News i After soundly denouncing these uii ioiw the writer goes on to show the dangers to white! supremacy if they are allowed to continue Ho asks: "How then is it poosible to main tain as the stern creed in the policy of the Empire the eternal suprem acy of the white over black? "Eternal of the wbitc over This has a deeic edly Southern ring 7 Mulatto Babies 1505 MADISON urnished room 3rd floor with use of kitchen and bath? Suitable for married couple or I single person with heat and light Reasonable Oct 26 1006 BENNETT PLACE 2 rooms on third flobr front and back furnish ed or unfurnished heat and electric Call after 6 pm Phone Gilmor 0929 I i 1 1 ur ope says Mr hinrk race has mixed with and cie a Part of the white race centuries Africa the America and in Africa tne the Negro) 1 i OR SALE ONE 9 ROOM flOVSE I 2 Toilets Bath Gas and Electric Cement Cellar Sexton urnace Apply HUGHES 815 HARLEM AVENUE VERNON 2065 Battery Service STORAGE The House OfCr)nfidq)itic: Open Evenings losed Sunday USED CAR DUPA RTMENT SAi 116 Read St 1 Vernon Night ill i Vernon By A ROGERS' ij This question of rdee mixing will not down We 'should rather say Ithis matter of mixing white wom en and black meni for the acK vj and wiite men has ong it! Tit Rits leading English maga zine asks the luestioii: "vhite women marry black men? ana goes 'f bine years ago we user to have tmdips of natives sent over from either on military service tr in A traveiiriET show and it was a revelation of horror and disgust to behold the manner in wmun i womanhood would flocx tt see these 1 men whilst to watch them fawning noon these black creatures and fpnd lv embracing them as i nave seen 4 I a W3 rt dozens of umes was a a disgrace to English womanhood Pierce Arrow 11 Whenever yoi see a car i i i OU RUMMAGE SALE SATURDAY OCTOBER 12th 10 A to 6 Hill Methodist Church ranklin and Pine Streets Benefit Messiah Lutheran Church I CARD THANKS I 1 CARD THANKS We wish to thank the many friends also the Orders Elks Reindeer and Arch Circle for their kindness and expressions sympathy during the illness and death of my much be loved husbandl Jeremiah Hill who nassed away September 3 The voice we loved is still We miss his graceful bow: And oh how sad we were I When death settled on his brow will be done not ours We could not our loved one keep: or Gcd alone knew what was best And called Jerry home rest His loving wife Mrs LAURA HILL: and faithful friend Miss WASHINGTON i OR SALE i $125 00 ORTHOPHONIC CABINET VICTROLA Latest model Automatic Stop $4200 Select Records thrown in Used short neriod Good as new Ideal for home or business cheaP B'K Sacrifice or demonstration call Madison 1134 Sunday October 13th I I Your Opportunity To Buy RECONDITIONED TIRES At Bargain General Tire Co 914 Cathedral Street i RA NK LI Sedan I RANKLIN Sedan Coupe1 I Convenient Terms Of Coursp Your Car Accepted In Trade A' 1 ranklin Motor Car Cd 1112 1116 CATHEDRAL STJ Open Evenings' and Sunday' Vernon 7110 i Business Since i 1508 Wi ranklin Street Phone Gilmor 7039 OR SALE EAGER street EDEN STREET EpEN STREETJ ARLINGTON AVENUE PRESTON STREET CALHOUN STREET I BLOCK EDMONDSON A A new cottage in fee simple iuuuuu Will finance1 VJU 0 other process that Ji wnmen been1 settled peaceably ago I The ayes havte had Dressmaking and Dcsining IN 11 luded icjtions 1 ivinenis On My List of Homes Prices Range rom $120000 Up VV illLlllfc MAKE! YOUR OWN Arlington Ave Argyle Ave I Bloom St Caroline St Calhoun St Carrollton Ave Cloverdale Road Edmondson Ave Division St! Druid Hill Ave WATCH OR MY 1 ADDISON JOHNSON i 2217 Madison Ave at Phone Lafayette 1769 Day Night Week or Month line Station Oiling Greasing ONE OR TWO large cheerful rooms furnished or unfurnished bath heat and light included at reasonable rates Phone Gilmor 4451 before 3 or between 7 and 9 pm Help Wanted 'I1 4 BARBERS Apply 920 I Street Sparrows Point Md 0 19 wio ht school ehrollment at Douglass High School passed the 1100 mark this week and with some stu dents still registering is expected to be close to 1200 at the beginning of next week A total of 1109 students had been enrolled by Thursday night the ma iority of them falling into the aca demic and commercial groups which have 402 and 221 students respec tively This unprecedented interest hi commercial courses is one of the niost outstanding features of the opening of the school year and Prin cipal Herbert risby found it neces sary to secure! two new teachers Mrs Beatrice Maloney and Mrs Lu la Garrett to teach classes in stenog raphy I Enrollment in other classes is as follows: dressmaking 187 millinery 26 home nursing 113 journalism 25 home mechanics 32 machine practice 25 and cookery 25 There are sixty three i special students i Much interest is beihg shown in the class in journalism with fourteen men and eleven women enrolled This class is I concerned with all nhases of writing for publication and has several students who are interest ed in the business of writing for mag azine publication Members of the class will use the ARO AMERICAN as a laboratory in which they will irain farther practical knowledge of theirchosen work Otier new teachers added to the facility include Miss Helen Reynolds mathematics English Mrs English i home mechanics DODGE STANDARD SEDAN WHIPPET' SEDAN JORDAN TOURING DODGE TOURING CHRYSLER COACH CHEVROLET SEDAN BUICK SEDAN PLYMOUTH SEDAN CHRYSLER TOURING PLYMOUTH COACH REO SEDAN HUPMOBILE SEDAN1 CHRYSLER COACH SHOW ROOM on li CT jwn RA4TNGTON AVE: HOMEWOOD CARS NO 10 AND' 2S' OPEN EVENINGS The HARTER HULL Co DODGE DISTRIBUTORS Houses Bought and Sold Money Loaned on Mortgages and Notes General Collections CARLOS JENNINGS ii Real Estate Broker 11 14 Pleasant St i Phone Vernon 5450 IN MEMORIAM A ANNIE Beloved wife of John Robinson Sr de parted this life Tuesday mid night October 2 1928 I have lost my companion A life linked with my own And day by day I miss her more As I walk through life alone Past her suffering past her pain I Cease to weep for tears are yain She who suffered is at rest Gone to heaven with the blest Her loving face i hope to see again Though the days have passed away Sleep on dear wife and take your rest They miss yoii most who loved you best HUSBAND AND CHILDREN: BROOKS Joseph Brooks died Sep tember 7 1929 age 73 years i Washington DC at 909 I St NE in full triumph? of faith He called for all of his children and said am going home This is the way the Lord has appointed for He called his daughter and said in Job and read inJail the days of mv appointed time will I wait until my change comes I pre pared for this day years ago and now my change has come You all have done all you could for me and now I am satisfied I will soon be in my home of the By his loving wife and children CHESTER In I loving remembrance of our dear niece Sadie Chester who departed this life one year ago October 5 1928 One year has passed since that sad day i The' one we loved was called away: God took her home it was His will But in our hearts she liveth still By her uncle and aunt Mr and Mrs RAYMOND BROWN Sacred to the memory of our dear son and brother James House who was suddenly called away one year ago October 13 1928 There is no love on earth like the love of a mother No love understands its sorrows and joys itr No one can feel the true sting of bUl kJ I i Until God calls so suddenly her only boyi i i We cannot tell to the world our loss We are simply i bearing the i true cross' While our hearts are heavy and our voices seem! light i Simply trusting in Him where never comes night i Mother and sister Mrs HOUSE Mrs WILHELMINA HENRY In sad but loving remem brance of my dear husband James House who departed this life one year ago October 13 1928 1 i I have lost my companion A life linked with my ownJj And day by day I miss him more As I walk through life alone I often sit and: wonder dear husband What you would do or say if you would! know the changes That happened since that day Tis sweet to1 be remembered And always bear in mind That you are hot forgotten By the one you left behind A father good a father kliid Has gone and left us all behind or all of us he did his best! So God grant him eternal rest By his loving WIE and CHILD REN 1 In loving remembrance of our dear motner uoraena Scherer who died October 10! 1898 Nothing can ever take away The love a heart dear ond memories linger every day Remembrance keeps her near Bv her loving children Mrs ALICE COLE WILLIAM AND CHARLES VICTORIA sad and loving remembrance of hly dear aunt Victoria Harris who departed this life one year ago October 8 1928 My lips cannot speak how I miss you dear aunt My heart cannot tell what to' say But God only how I love you And miss you since you passed away Long days and nights you bore in pain Ip To wait for cure was all in vain Only those who have lost can tell Sortie day I will meet you on that shore! 1 vii Where be no sorrow pain nor woe 'i Loving niece THERESA COOPER TEABOUT I Anniversary mass Oct 8 St Barnabas Tuesday I Premises 1027' Stricker LtreeL i Nothing Bui lt jlist luck Qtii1 used Cars ars: sn onsjstently stood because we handle NOTHING BUT good 1924 CHEVROLET SEDAN 1H4O runu juuniiikj 1925 ORD SEDAN 1928 1925 1923 i 925 1928 1927 1926 1928 1926 1923 1925 1926 1926 ROOMS 2348 MCCULLOH STREET large front furnished room for rent to respectable people iw 1804 MOUNT STOEEUnfur nished room for rent with renneu famfly 1014 LAAYETTE AVIOT Two third story rooms nicely fur nished and heated 1805" DIVISION urnished or unfurnished rooms 828 CARROLLTON Large furnished and unfurnishe rooms All privileges 1379 CAREY One large front wnt furnished or unfum MARY HARRIS In sad remem brance of our life long friend and gbd mother Mary Victoria Harris died October 8 1928 A precious one from us is gone A voice we loved is still A place is vacant in our home That never can be filled Anniversary mass at Stu Martin church Tuesday Mary Victoria Over ton CHISLEY PORTER 739 Dol phin St i In loving remembrance of our dear mothers Bettie Wil liams who departed iher life one year ago October 8 One year has passed since that sad The one we loved was called away God took her home it was His will But in our hearts she liveth still The depth of sorrow we cannot tell Of the loss one we loved so well And while she sleeps a peaceful sleep Her memory we shall always keep BY HER CHILDREN A few inonllis ago an article ii the News of tlie Wortd with largest cir cuiat ion among English newspapers asked what was England going to do "With large number of mulatto babies that were being born in the British Isles to white mothers and black! fathers I or the past tour hundred years however the Englishman has been eoingj to the black man lands nio ducing mulattoes and thing what ever had been done or said about it Colored Unite Men If the white man and the colored Ionian put aside their sex jealousy lift aj moment it will be noted Ithat'Ahe matter of mixing the col woman arid the white man have 4hys enjoyed almost perfect free i Yet it is these two who broadly speaking are the strongest opponents ol race mixing when don by others ttnnlhemselves The white man cb because wishes to ma ntain to called white supremacy and isses does the writer in Tit Bits that can be maintained only by ccntin uur to breed He sees that nothing so effectively smashes I his scheme oi supremacy as the union of Hack men and white women I Only Colored olks On the other 1 and he docs not cb iect to his union with black for in that case he only produces ollie ctlored that is only more people over whom to bo supreme i As to the vp majority of Negro women they do not object to race inixing 'Why? i Because the white man belongs to a higher caste the Negro wonvan thinks it honor to have children for him In all lands where white men women wish to pro duce children as noar in resemblance to the white as possible This is true of all places except these in which black Influence still predominates and these are very few nncn'i tvni Riack children In the United States Cuba South America Cape Colonv the ambifous black mothete dees mt want a black and most toothers are ambiti ous where their are jcon cerned Sh realize that it will have easier chance in life if it is lisrht Tfr She is flattered at feeing able vv display a light child perhaps af nursing a white child herkmls I was told that block in America have a hotter chenc0 ov being adcoted bv a white person than by a colored one The Crilorpd Woman hbiccts Hie Negro woman has alvrays ed freelv' with the white man Much of the talk of their being forced tn as In days is sheer hunk The vast maioritv I have good reason to bebeve felt themselves only too high ly honored On the other hand the Nem wom an objects tn th" qf th" white woman and the man Whv? Because she realizes that the white is most anxious to et her he will not mao ry her He will not marry her for the same rea sm that he obiects to the nion of the white woman and Kaok man This also would smash white runrem i acv It would not onlv the Ne gro woman but the whole group social recognition and I thus pave the wav enuallbn 1 Permanent Meal Ticket Therefore since the white mail will her and nearly all women Permanent anchor or meal ticket the shape of a husband the otnan objects to the union or tlie white woman and the black man She knows that the black man will marry the whites womah! as he wants to get in with those of the caste And in that case would a husband? woman wants to eat her cake and have it too and so the Ne gro man is her goat and also that of the white mar A Hard Time i hlte man would marry would be a different storyU In that case the Negro man jouid have as hard a time getting a colored woman njt in of United States Nevada and the btate of Washington not because of uieur fewness but because of their preference for white men And even in those cases the Negro woman still wants a hold on the Ne mm I ORSALE HOUSE OR 826 Carrol' ton Ave i 3 stories with a 2 story brick garage hot water heat gas electric in fee 1 Pijpne Lafayette 0736 I 0 5 HOUSE OR 3 stories with 2 story brick garage hot water heat electric in fee Phone Lafayette 0738 1 i BEAUTIUL CORNER 3 complete apartments In exclusive white section reasonable to quick buyer Write Afro American Box HOUSE OR 826 Carroll ton Ave opposite the park 3 with a 2 storv brick garage hot water? heat gas electric in fee Phone Lafayette 0736 0 26 ord Coupe ord Roadster ord Coupe 5 TRUCKS 1 Chevrolet Tun Stake Chevrolet Deh very $863 ord Station Wagon $125 I a $95 $65 White i Tpn Stake Body ij Trades TWO USED CAR STORES 4620 Edtnondson Ave Gilmor 5600 1310 VVx Baltimore St Plaza 817 9 jl Open' Evenings and Sunday NEW CAR showroom GENERAL OICES AND SERyiCE PLANT: 4636 38 40 EDMONDuON AVE GILMOR 5W0 I Seven New Teachers Added to Take Care of Large EnroHmen1 Carey St remont Ave Lanvale St Lafayette Ave McCulloh Sti Madison Ave Mosher St Presbury St Gilmor St LIST BIGGER AND BETTER EVERY DAY! ASK MY 1 CASH I CREDIT TIRES and BATTERIES! NEW and USED I Recharglrfig 75c Corner Madison Avenue and Biddle Street i 1324 132 6 1926 Reeves Co 1313 1315 Cathedral Opposite Mt Royal Station 'L Phone Vernon 2640 2641 2642 Used Cars With 0 THAT COUNTS 30 Day Guarantee No Down Payment Required bf Property! Owners or Indorsers Buy Here With Confidence 1929 CHEVROLET Coach $555:00 1928 CHEVROLEUr Coach $o80 00 CHEVROLET ioaasLeruvv CHEVROLET Landau $43500 CHEVROLET seaan 1928 CHEVROLET Coupe 1928 CHE VKULET 1928 CHEVROLET 1927 CHEVROLET 1927 1927 19271927 11926 1926 1926 1926 1926 1926 1925 1120 CARROLLTON fur nished rooms for rent OR RENT 306 Robert Street Two 2) Nicely furnished rooms for Heat and light Call Madison 10b5 after 5 pan i i I IREMEN Brakemen Baggagemen (white or colored) Ueepinv Car Train Porters (colored) $250' monthly Experience unnecessary 277 Railway Bureau East St Louis Ill MAN TEACH chemistry and biology $100 $150 month immediately Standard Teachers Agency 1011 Ave Washington YOUNG WOMEN WANTED We need the services of young wo men light complexion in every com munity for a position that pays well Part time or entire time We show vou how to make $500 or more per day Must be good talker neat and attractive looking Write us to day giving references Bruce's Drug Store Scottsville Va Salesman to call on Bar ber shops Hairdressers No retail or house to house canvassing Write Craig Company PO Box 155 Point Pleasant 19 BARBER Steady or part time work Riley's Barber Shop 831 remont avenue Guarantee given Phone Madison 3641 SITUATIONS WANTED WANTED By Dr Wm A Harrod pastor Of the irst Baptist Churcn of Philadelphia situations for four excellent teachers: Kindly apply to Wm A Harrod 1839 Christian street Philadelphia Pa YOUNG MAN graduate embalmer desires a position with some re liable undertaking establishment Would be willing to leave city 438 23rd St Baltimore Phone Home wood 5963 EXPERIENCED bookkeeper and ty pist wishes position at once High school graduate! 1519 Edmondson avenue RUMMAGE SALE 823 Pennsylvania Avenue OCTOBER 16 and 17 A Rogers Co Lafayette 2694 Remember This when you are considering pur chasing a home These are the essentials: Location Value and the Broker With Whom You are Dealing WE HAVE $25000 TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES You will do well by looking i these over: t600 700 800 a 400 tetock Stricker I )100 Block Stricker St 1600 HlbcfeRIggsiAvc I Pennsylvania Ave jjviaArcj Open from 9 A to 5 1926 1 BRUNT House for rent 6 rooms and bath newly pa pered gas and electric Call Madison 8045 Ji 0 12 412 414 SPRING Houses for rent 8 rooms bath hot and cold water i 1141 GILMOR Store for rent with 3 rooms in rear Phone Madi son 2663 i i Two Basem*nt Stores OR RENT i i Large bay windows heat hot water janitor service 'Splendid location for any kind of business Specially suited for and urnishings Barber or Confectionery Store Apply Janitor 2406 MADISON AVENUE BUY NOW! 520 NJ Carrollton Ave 515 Carey St 203 St I 1317 Edmondson Ave Small Cash Payment nr stADni heatl all modern conveniences 300 block Calhoun SL Cheap to quick buyer Six suburban homes will 'finance to suit' purchaser i Two two story houses on Sanford Place ''I' One two story house 2300 block Druid Hill Ave porch front Cheap Many Houses and Apartments or Rent Pwisner Auto Co 5 24 Hours Efficient Service 84 I DAYS PER 7 IJ STORAGE OR RENT i DWELLINGS in Each Section of the City I TRULY HATCHETT REAL INSURANCE: Eutaw St Vernon 2839 Business Since 1912i This statement i apords the buyer is feeling of safety' and assurance in dealing which Is well worth looking into Come'inlfor a visit and let'u see if we can be of some help to you iri selecting a carlo suit your needs Our list is arranged in price groups fop your convenience $100 I TO 1326 1926 1'924 718 CARROLLTON near Lanvale nicely furnisnea rooms adjoining bath Low rent to working girls These rooms are large and can be used as parlor1 bedroom and bath by three girl friends or sisters Phone Madison 3091 tx BANKS 1217 MADISON av Lee Banks proprietor Rooms by tjay or week Meals all hours Board and home cooking 2029 McCULLOH Large neatly furnished front room i adjoining bath With or without board Phone Madjson 755Q 2 URNISHED ROOM for rent to re fined persons in a refined home Call Gilmor 7300 after 3 PM 12 1804 MOUNT urnished room lor rent with refined family 0 5 1707 MADISON 2 desira ble furnished rooms All modern conveniences! Suitable for reaL re spectable home life Mrs Mildred Morris i 'd 1326 DRUID HILL Nice ly furnished room for rent suit able for respectable man or woman Apply between 8 to 10 aan and 6 to 7:30 pan i 1429 MADISON urnished room for rent suitable for settled lady or gentleman I 257 ROBERTS Unfurnish ed rooms ior an apartment heat and electricity furnished 268 ROBERTS Between 5 Linden and Bolton front room with complete suite of modern furni ture' electric light and heat Suit able for refined married couple OR Nicely room I housekeeping if wanted 1708 West wood Reasonable rent Ap ply 1708 West Wood avenue 11519 LANVALE lat I or rooms suitable1 for housekeep ing Quiet people I 1718 NCARROLLTON Near Lanvale St Very desirable fur nished rooms with kitchenette andcontinuous hot water All modern conveniences Phone Madison 3091 n642 HOMAN urnished i rooms for rent Apply after 6 pm 0 26 TWO NICELY URNISHED ROOMS 2nd story front suitable for quiet couple Reasonable rent 1130 Druid 0 26 CITY COUNTY and STATE To Sell I' 655 658 MULBERRY urnished apartments electric lights and bath Reasonable prices Lewis 655 Mulberry St tX 1400 BLOCK MADISON Homelike unfurnished apartments in home with owner Call Mad 5816 tf 2313' PENNA Apartment 2 rooms kitchen and bath Ad modern conveniences including steam heat and electric lights cf 603 CAREY Apartment four rooms and bath hot water heat newly papered and painted Call Madison 8045 0 12 OR Nicely furnished apart ments living room bedroom and kitchen call until Monday $450 and $550 weekly Apply 1905! Eutaw place lafayette 3297 i 510 STRICKER lat for 4 rooms bath heat Phone Gil mor 4534 0 12 647 I CALHOUN Attrac tive housekeeping apartments fac ing Harlem Square Nicely furnished gas electric Everything furnished $5 a week and up "I 527 MULBERRY Two beau 1 tiful private apartments close ta the shopping district AU conven iences per week Phone Gilmor 5998 0 26 1925 McCULLOH Modern apart ment first floor 4 rooms and bath1 Phone Lafayette 1906 0 26 918 LEXINGTON Beautiful apartments: first floor 4 rooms $5 week 1515 Third floor 2 large rooms gas meter run ning water $3 week Apply 925 Baltimore 895 PARK Apartments iur nished or unfurnished clean and modem $350 and up per week Al so basem*nt store Good for any business Apply 901 Park Ave OR Nicely furnished apart mentswith living room bed room and kitchen some with two bed rooms $350 $450 $5 and $550 Apply 1905 Eutaw Pl Lafayette 3297 OR Nicely furnished apart ments first floor on Lanvale St living room bed room and kitchen $650 weekly Apply 1905 Eutaw Pl Lafayette 3297 i NEWLY PAPERED and painted apartments 3 4 and 5 rooms janitor service also garage Apply 1216 uruia rim avenue in 647 CALHOUN ST Nicely fur nnartment for housekeenine facing Harlem Square gasr electric hot water heat running water Allconveniences $5 ai week 619 CARROLLTON Unf ur inished apartments first floor 5 Irooms and bath third floor 4 rooms and bath AU conveniences and hot water heat? Apply 1917 Lin den avenue 314 GILMOR Apartment for rent one room and kitchenette Phone Gilmor 6641 Small I and neatly furnished gas electric and heat in cluded Everything convenient Rent reasonable Apply 744 Dolphin street 1006 MOUNT Apartment for rent heat and electricity Phone Madisdn 0201 SECOND LOOR Newly pabered heat electric light bath private meter Apply 704 Carroll ton av Urban Apartments OR COLORED AMILIES ADULTS 216 18 20 MADISON AVENear Druid Hill Park) Apartments 4 rooms private baht beat hot janitor service $750 $850 I APPLY JANITOR 2406 MADISON AVB Basem*nt PHONE LAAYETTE 3796 Coach Touring $28000 Sedan $33000 Coach $27500 Coupe $28500 Touring $225 Roadster $2 1000 Touring $125 00 Roadster $170 00 Coach Sedan Cou pe Sedan The Biggest All Negro id i 1 "'I I 1 j' 5 Bi I Mr Mt 1 MME MARY JACKSON I 1517 Myrte Avenue TIOV 2 MARIANAHDERSOH All the Used Cars iised in this paper are guard.

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