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Th 'News Tuesday April 24 1945 rSr lYSf I fl i sygaBft 4CTBPBSnWrt' wl reu lb' ft I '1'" lwiia r' tt A AH 4Vr h4V MAYAID I Al 1 XiriMfiTOTl 1 1 1 I HIRKV K'l MGIJI Jweetvn Howaria I JUllIILKi HAIGHIt US rmb "T1 RK ft(t Mfk AGAIN'" 4 ANZAC DAY ARRANGEMENTS tA Dnoii open at 100 pm A A Sfcow Mjrli al 1 15 fct! Ka DUNNE BOYER c3 COBU RN NOW! Ij Ai aw Phon 7X00 gUO rvlW 7moir (ostelio in rT'0" nTtUllT I ft I rWfcM3P now! 2w fiwi KN rttnm i I aiamcurus with amus I WfLsUIUBLE OKLT OR lOULTSJ ANZAC DAY TIMES 110 410 Danr open I pm tjjSfllGiocou're 011 1 (OSIP NELSON EDDY T) Mrc rise STEVENS IP' DwwcMd by 0T Oil BUIM 2 rwdLeU by VICTOR SA VIU I JU Sv3 indntaiAh (Pizhidillu KID GIOVE 1 1 TOMORROW A 118 430 745 Ptu an Ji Ain OlmtL W5 UBiy HONC 111778 nig hptTZsS Kathryn Orsvson lar No tree list THOUSANDS CHEER" Rn vRe rvSO EVAJA 1 Kathryn Grayaoa stars No tre Hal THOL SAXDS CHEER" 'n Adventure or Those la Peril 'O' Hutn wiiium caria Lenmann yirflWnntL "TALK AROUT JACQVELISE" Arv'll It? acAtHnif YtS 1(11 1W3 Hftddi MeOoven Dooatd Crisp No rrte hn "LASSIE COME HOME" A Gataxv of Star Sing Neighbor Sing Belly Grable Robert Young rPahkAlde sweet rosie grady JT Gr THI OIRL UHO DARED A1 RHa Ha worth Oenr Kelly "COVER GIRL" G' Jane Wrmso CRLMK RY NJGHT A Louise Ailbrttton Jon HH "SAN DIEGO I LOVE YOU" Arthur Lake Hl YA AILOR Louue AUbrltton Jon Hall DIEGO I LOVE YOU" Gt Arthur Lake H1 YA SAILOR SO Pierre Aumont Gene "CROSS LORRAINE" Red Skelton I POOD IT Gi RHa Hayworth Gene "COVER GIRL" Olen and Johnson The Ohorn Catcher Merle Abernn Brian Ahem UlDMULf a "IRST COMES COURAGE" yvoi Olseo and Johnson The Ghost Catchers Roddv McDowell Donald CriAD No free Illi "LASSIE COME Jac Haley TAKE IT OR LKAVE TT SLfida SjapJianiL 7 4 71 jnn 1 i i I H1U of Norwood to Jamw Bernard Of £900000 South Australia was faced this year with a Premier (Mr Playford) said today mu ivTiHB niuer ui Lilian and Rose also Ada (deceased sion began to Glono Vanderbilt BUY! nd OHN BUY Aool rhe Wnd" nd "Rebei Leopold Stokowski Press Ugl to 30 Rwk kU WEEKS! IM In0r only al 130 4 40 ut TONIGHT BIG CeAPU! AN PERSMH I UK SERVICE i fwraitara bl Hatel SCOTrNcy WAlKEABea BLUE ACE 50 50 VI DANCE Curbed Quickly 1HtP9(JU0Rf MDCE3 de Danse TONIGHT Koalas STATE BALLROOM for rIHamways hall hackneyi Uie HtU MRS TOMORROW NIGHT DANCE and BRIDGE: glenelg rrrr BaOroom King William street Learn to Dancel TONIGHT I PALAIS ROYAL HEADINGS Hindmarsh Town Hall MODERN DANCING Tonight 50 50 Tonight Muste by CLAJtRTT YOUNGS LONG NIGHT 730 1130 Wfflc SUBURBAN THEATRES GUNEML STRAHO I nouncement have ceased NORTH ABOUT RfMLMftLQ NMb STAH HOLL Anur Highway TOMOKKOW Cumnvunl' BUALO STANDING GUNCLGj SYAYIYW King William roadce to enningma INDUSTRIAL ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION LIMITED rtAKST awaffD IN OUR I IMb VH If eounli centres had to meet the full coat of transport 75 per cent of the population would be hi Adelaide within Imo Personal Loan Dept Piais STRHKT ADCIAIOt iltMiK li? THS (ElS SING Durolhv Lamour MiNESWEKPER Richard Arleu RIDAY NEXT IDA LUPINO Jeanor Powell Dennis Calloway Woody Herman a MORISON Town Clerk Town Hall Adelaide hereby given that uroreuion of KX WOAIEN on WED IV4S turlher given that IRENES till vidav Joan Crawford BOTH DANCBS 50 50 AND ULL BAND PAUL HENREM) 1013 18 417 740 jeloved husband of the tate Kmilv GoM tng and lOvtng father of Lem 4AZ4C MCHT HOLIDAY DAWE TOMORROW NIGHT ANZAC NIGHT from levgh Paul Henreic 1 LKAVK IT Phil Bacei Rc Unron tn rance Van Heflin A Kid Olove Killer he praHlcallv no one In other parts of the Slate Railway freights had been main nd submit of King William Vocaiiat RANK KENNOY or Reaervattoog Ring 9m Directioa CARMICHAEL ObBOKhB HA LU IXJL'GLK SI 1 olua lai Partners for evervooe Tomorrow N'ght Grand Aoxae Nghl Dance Singing Sii" Stacks 7 JO RTIJ ft MT'ra iGi ROOM ONIY Paulette Goddard G' MAPRYATVILLE TONIGHT (Gloria waa divorced on Sat urday from Pat di Cicco ton of an Italian gardener on the MMAHU1UL M4I NOHl'H Ann Saxler A Cnme Hom A POUNSm Acting Beer et a Public Service CoinmHsinner fS NORTH TERRACE LEARNERS' CLASS TOMORROW NIGHT reemasons' Ballroom I Seuern for Wingfield 'rhe Uenlrul Board of Health ha informed Enfield Council that the matter of extending sewers to Wingfield is tn hand and it ia ex pected that a scheme of operation will be evolved in lhe next few month' Mrs Orchestra PKfZlS Bseefient loor Good time assured 1 a ipius tax Verrler and Gthllen H5S Baxter iAi Reno after Gloria's divorce Is reported to have developed en gine trouble on rhe way It landed on a highway near Mojave California and from thetv the pair hitch hiked ride to (he Mexican border I he best man at (be wedding MITCHAM LMUTTUTI OOOO LOOR GOOD MUB1C PRIZtfi Dir KEN BiNTLEY VAHTh Ths marriage of Toreen only daughter of Mrs ana be tat Mr a Smith of Black ore si 9 Bernard eldest son at Mr and Mrs POMI AtltJ AiDt lG bWLLT ROSIE OliRADY Btl Grable 'O' ROOKUS IN Hl'RMA Also Csn? O' AXZAC MGHT WEDNESDAY APRIL Z5th Mr fc'iank Smith has re ceived word lhat his son lying Officer Smith has arrived in England fit and well and will bg met in London tomorrow by Mr King formerly of Adelaide lying Officer Smith bailed out on a flight over Augsberg on eb 1 rnary 25 1944 and was taken pi isonei by the Get mana surm? ijistarKTH 40 years old be 'cause the Government believed it ww necessary to provide such a Mil vice to keen people on the land i uir ssMWJi Evening 4 aim Thursds Michsri OGbes JACK LONDON A Nelson Eddv Kotckrrbocker Holiday TOMORBOW Matinee 7 Evening 75 Aft Tupxrfii Ptrtreon CP MINIVER ANZAC DAY 3 Sessions only 18 417 7 40 Doors open I pm 'or nuuttal mass at BL linatiui' Nor I fAS in OUR TIME Puui llenreid 'Gi PARS POR JO DEHflNY Ijncbcs'e: mu EDUCATIONAL C1BARTRES BUSINESS COLLEGES 38 Grenfell street Adelaide and IAI Unlev road Unley THE tEADINO COMMERCIAL SCHOOL TRAINING EDUCATED GIRLS for poal Uons In BANKS INSURANCE COMPA NIES GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS and IMPORTANT COMMERCIAL HOUSES NEW STUDENTS iDev and Evening! should commenc at once Term dales from irst tasson THE CO1XEOE Prospectus will be for warded Poet ree on sooUcstinn (Tele phone 3394 four Hoes or S34di OS ANGELES lhe marriage between mil lionaire heiress Gloria Vander bih and 58 year old Leopold Stokowski orchestral conduc tor was almost postponed by a plane mishap ponv 4 Train transport party given al kiosk Phone i (' R833 or 12115 I I US Heiress In Plane Mishap After Divorce Aged 35 years Resting April 34 at a private hosuilal Charles Edgar dearie loved CLAUDETTE COLBERT JENNIER JONES JOSEPH COTTEN MONTY WOOLLEY LIONEL BARRYMORE ROBERT WALKER Atby Royan'e Bigger Setter and Brighter Band together with Maa laiwson re irumpeten Wall Csrr nd tne Bell Brvc Morgan 'guest arttsti En'er now fot Dsnelne Cbamolonsh*t) hrf heat first Tues ic Ma Dlr BRUCK RICHARDSON ntUlAtU YIUCM Mifl ML BUI M'8 'i of between £900000 and £1000000 the Hranwqiy ftorn 19 ft A I DEATHS rSfaTtlSeaUoSd THE nMW of lh Rhelwvn Chapman Aged 71 years State was extremely difficult On April 34 at 11 Desau because under the present set un beJwo Jears bele the 3irthi Marriaf ei and Deaths A a races Deficit MAKK A II I 3'o IN UUH TIME Paul Henreld PALCON OUT WEPT Tom Con wee A PROPERTIES OR SALE 7 A CANT posseasion City bouse good order I 8 0 big Xar £830 cash By letter Nolt Unley roed BOARD AND RESIDE'NCE 1fDS to Nt Apply 78 Grote street Oily AMhma end Bronenltia ooison our system ruin your health and weaken vour constitution Mendaco the oreaerto tlon of an American ohyxielan atarte telievlng Asthma io 3 tnlnuin and builds new vigor so that you can sleep' soundly night eat anything and enjoy life Mendaco is so suecoasful that tt 1 guaranteed to give vou free' easy breathing to 34 hours and toatlsfy comoletelv or mooev bats on of etuoty oackage Get Mendaeo xl nzr erom rour chemHf aicnciaco lhe guarantee ore tee a you Reliev Ailhmi Now and It' SORE BEWARE! You eau be quite whether eoira or with 8turet a (valine Throat Powder rom Chemlsta Stores or posted from Storer's 33) King Wm al ASTHMA Knnla arm 1" divea 40 Moison Dozens of fil NLG ride7l 16 plug tax LiONtL YUUNGS AlfiK BAND Semi Ansi Tonight Nover Waits cnampwosAJO oi da Direction out above 4 That eU licensers of street hawk ers' stands Sod ell drivers of vehicles'e heieuv req itred to observe the said tegulntluu aud direction and any licensee ot driver who wilfully dis regards or does not conform co such directions will be Hable upon prosecution ueitanv not exceeauig rive rouuo By order A MORISON Town Clerk Town Hall Adelaide April 1945 t) OP ADELAIDE 3TRET ANZAC DAY I WEDNESDAY 75th APRIL 1945 PKRSON8 91 ANDINO OR SITTING ON V19LANDAH8 PROHIBITED lhe attention of the pubiie is Daru ilsriv directed to 'be provisions of ictloo 4 of Bv lavr No IX of the Cor I uureixtri wnicn rtwnLDia aci SON OR THE PURPOSE OP VIEWING ANY OR SIGHT CI IMP ING UP ANT VKRANDAH POST OP STANDING OR SITTING OR BEING UPON THE HOO ANY VERANDAH ER KTT ED (N ANY SfRECT WITHINI THE CITY I Instructions have been given to see that the By leai is observed and any oerson offending will be Hable to a nenaliv not exceeding £10 ny oroer MISCELLANEOUS RTITCJAI MARBLK ea to ma Ciee fllae 1 a a 1 jiiks floorings etc etc Extremely i Sir Ed'n 8mnb avenue from Penning nerd 3kd atmp particular (jr ion terrace to King WHItant load 9 a TRAII4N SCHOOL CEMENT arts until eonipleiloti of service at Crow of NS WALES Eh 18MI petion of service al Cros of Sacrifice 9 That alt taniU In Kina William etieet and King William road between Carrington inn Wright streets and Pen niugioii icrrace rtunoie street between Kina William and ChrlH atraata and North terrave oetween Charles and King yriHiim iirgptu annainrrnn nv rn (in Council as stands for street hawkers and tor motor enicle olying for hire are Hereby suspended from 9 am till 13 Boon nr until such time as the rvi portion of the procession has passed and uo licensee of a stand or driver if env such vehicle shall occupy a uoi lion on any of the aid stands during time mentioned above 3 That all constables stationed In tne )ds or atreeUi or oortlnns thereof ee' out above are hereby to en force the provisions of these directions as regards vehicular tritSc on the eald roads ur streets or portkme thereof set oxn MM WKMrWWI I Moirn I EvlV ANZAC DAY CENT l22 ANO EVERY TUEBDAY AT ADELAIDE'S LEADING DANCE ACADEMY will be received bv the Commlsajonri lindet si 195 Im the1 Chatcery ine from Angaa 1P rot rne wieBeld Mreel 830 a nnitni vih k'K william street from annum iin rt AtMahL' Moul Pttptilar 3(1 3U Ihiiire MP's Prisoner Son Arrives in Britain eNHEt trMHl community Bilik Ing at 7o IHE lAJlXiEH isultabh adults url Uturge Banners NO18 Laurel and Hatdv it finnnl rA ki nlstreet to Charles street 9 on trolley buses 9 50 am 1 rhartlM liekar rAen Dtn4 full BB iNnrth IMPeaam ft tfl mm and exoerlrnce mllitarvl North terrace from chartei and submit cous of Ktng William street 9 30 am it iom ewit mmi torn 5MC1 Milt AMMUg JCon JAMES PBA lower Ground loor OHN MARTTNB WIM All tvpes of ribbons beaded sequin and lace co*kars Apply Ribbon Department urouna rioor IS ADIO Seis bought tor cash Central Cars 98 Gawlet '580 SITUATIONS VACANT Ik PORARY MOBILE ORGANISERS Oouger street from Brown treet OR DISTRICT WAR AGRI street asm CULTURAL COMMITTEES I Vicious Aqusre east tram Aoniteattons will be received bv the ireec waxeneid st aet a Public Service Commissioner lindet si errtngton street Adelaide until MONDAY 7th MAY buvenamed oositloii SALARY £350 per nu'ru mileage and ties i' ordinarv Government Applicants should K1Y wiitim trve a round knowledie of the nrlnct Bindley rree from Irish'J agriculture! industries uf the State King william street 9 a teairtj ADOUcanis snoutet aiso whether thev possess a motor cat toad order which eould be used metat nitstness Aiinllcauts must elv i ouatincauona WALTER ANTHONY RIED of Otechosiovaklan nationality born atl tin Austria and resident 5U vearsl In Australia residing at 3 Whaddon road Meldreth Park Intend to apply for naturalisation under the Nationality! ACt 1930 38 fUNTCIAUTY MARION'J PLANS OR THANKSGIVING SOI VI CBS in view of lhe possible eanv termina tion of lhe European War arrangement have been made for suitable thanksgiv ing services to be held simultaneously at the following places: Municipal Nall Sturt road Sturt Edwardstown Returned Soldiers' Hall near Edwardatown Railway Stationt Plympton Returned Soldiers' Hall Marion road Plymnton Park Th utvlM atll tMnnnM at nruin on she dev foliowine th official an init surnpetn Bhmild hmaawr lha an nouncement be made on a riday nr Saturday the aervieea will commence at on the following Sunday TROTT Mavor Richard Martin coppersmiths dm3 tillers Brewers Confectioner' wort etc W7 Waymouth street 5333 SEX doctors first: if ppt cured ace window 118 Oawler place rix ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN 1 WKLDINO a VBUC MEETINGa to be held at the rooms of the Charge RBtinerts iB'ilVrs Ar Contractors aoctetlooi 17 Wavtnouth strepu on Thursday December at I with a view to forming a South Australian Division ot Uk Australian Welding In stitute A oordlal Invitation Is extended to all persona interested or and on Behalf of the Australian Welding Institute JAS ROGERS GOVERNMENT ADVERTIsem*nTS pKNDERS will be received at the office th Englnr iA Chtf Victoria square Adelaida uo to ooon on Thurs day the I th day of Mv for PUMP ING PLANT at (a) STREAKY BAY MOORLANDS Drawings and Bpecl Acations can be seen at the above offloe and eooles of the rooctfleatfons obtained fre of charge Tender aboold be endorsed for Streak Bay and Moorland Pump ing Plant Neither the lowest nor anv lender necesMtllv acceoted MciNnjnrf Minister of Works SITUATIONS WANTEDUWK seeks petition wid banking aybapIarfb hiH Teaching '73d Open cboic after rat figures this office KINKHT 745 Deanna mrbln His Sutler's Sister Rout Paige 'G in Man nanau Wed 2 15 Major and nor TOSIGHT 7 4 tn ndav I Jean Gob in a THE IMPOSTOR Loul Alnrituti Root Pafc iAi ired Wife Commonwealth Grants Commis consiner whether something should be done he said The Commonwealth had taken nupr innnm luvuluui I At ol four street Nailaworlh and lovlng'and from it South Australia wm Aged rears a fixed sum Since that LEST WE ORGET sum had been fixed practically nnuMtiun cveu itniig me vvuv et iiiucni tioa lb and the services it had to aectdept April 94 i44 Darwin provide had become more costly ways win iinveri the coat of item auch as coal AJwava remem rjsen jrwnl 8 3g per eeoi IN MEMORIAM I when the first application had vr Deen marie for a sram tn rnret Thomas Morton passed away suddenly these rising costs objection had £orl1 onII remembered by been taken to South Australia 1 Tasmania and Western Australia UNERAL NOTICES making such applications because The riends of the late they already received a grant As a result South Australia this 'Lesv bis late Residence 11 Desaumsrtx'year was confronted with a deficit rirt on wednks of from £900000 to £1000000 'A'o ttS1" Mr Plyford SON uneral Dlrec can anv State conduct its no: affairs under such he I I I Mr Charles edgarharvt 'arel rhe deficit was largely due to ispecHuiy informed tbst his uneral rxpetvt casii xxvt 01 liiivuvw Hl Leave bis lai Residence 7 Balfour bv the Railways Department and reel Nallsworih on WEDNESDAY at inM iaropiu for the Dndirv Park Cemetrrv lnJ? largely fue tri the GEO A BEKXHINO uneral Director Government policy of bringing io? propped road prospect 1331 about i ome real decentralisation WANTED TO BUY industry buy that old Hoover Electro 7018 JOHN MARTINS WIU MANCHESTER servlettea ub mar niuerv ot all types Ai good be tresniy laundered AddJv Manchester Deoartment Ground loo TOum MinriNo turn anv! lace jewellery pearls and comnac ULned at schedules which weie in iai' umorfius lun'ninrs evening bags Aoplv Handbag Department urouna rioor MARTIN'S MAN'S IORE WttJ ROV mens sleevelinks clgaretie cases eiso 1i sires 1ri leather attache or ult Mercery Depariment i txiwer Ground loor JOHN MARTIN'S WILLl ANTIQUE URNITURE sinds of antlqie furnirire ana crocxery urniture Department irst loor MARTIN'S WHJ CARPENTBR1NO TOO1 of al types PUBLIC NOTICES 1 UP ADELAIDE STREET TRAIC ANZAC D4Y WEDNESDAY 35TH APRIL 1943 ruBLii nuuvs 'i theie wll be SERVICE MEN and NE3DAY 35th Apr I MOT1CX herebv lha I zvwn Kg MA 4 TV a nf irs EJks as mavtea i Uc JfVI Vl "I'Y rhe City of Adelaide has in pursuance of ne powers vested tn him by Section 131 of ihe Police Act 1938 1938 and of ell uther powers him thereunto enaollng made end given the following directions: H(vl I That all vehicular end tram traffic shall be suspended and no vehicular traffic will be allowed to stand within fifty 1 50 1 yards ot lhe line uf route 1 from Ute Mmes mentioned hereunder 1 until ftffW tftw rgar rvu ftf th firft collect cession has passed slung any of the once ispee fied oor'ious of lhe follow ng thoa atrdt frnm UwMArtva arcA i from North ter reace 8 30 a tramcara to north of Sir Edwin Smith avenue 850 a Victoria Drive from eastern boundary of Parade Ground tc King william ruad detoo remely I 1 1 la Ina wt father ot LMI JHk dEf jMjLLHTofia Tiiif r' TTflMhrinl uniting face and happy J2gPiajifliirM i irnri nir mw xcfceauga juuv ft? 1 li I Bi Tl 7 7 KN 'Z 1 ITVVv dv hi I aa MWMMW 3 IW1 aw 1 I ii on 1 ti A(( A hi piodurtion since Cone dfiih OHN ra I rlAJ JW IT 1 APP I A iraka 4 aai 77 i hi Wi £7 I SHIRLtTItMrtt 4 zTsrl i I 1 Ajj wiwwrQ ar 9 I I 1 ILMII flUIA 7 tnn tulu ijTrrrjiTi two 111 JfjHOU N8 WALS 1 I AS I 1 DAYS Ktakarsns in ut Al MV1kWW Pius Bro Go West" uur Sessions at 104 1 44S pm I Anzec Day Arrangements kJ 8 Metalaii Onl ThiV JO'iufi) I al 12 4 3 7 45 iiiHix oryv 1 'X' I S' I 9 1 Va Q0 z4aK win MVical I NEXT RIDAY IMP XJ wvr 1 a cr ML BlrllKVftLa I sp sis iArir 1 JsEJts I JjuSeShfll jW'angri i3e avmww awnm aM Amacaim no a mil1 17A in I 1 1 1 1 I A A JB riu Lain lUM'l BACK" ifiUU raedei rail 1 LlXgUlflMI Ml lx itXH SKS Miature I i I ir ivv ijWwjnu'i' 1 I (Ri iWAIRt 1 I 1 7' I iff OAAefi II mm Cu euure ASN SOIMH5 pi JOHN KODIAK io I ai "MA1SIE GOES ill ggMlWiWMBI AZ 7 Cab tKt xs bl' A Xk wk i WSft i Greer Garson I TV Mwwthlv ps fewn Iwleraal xenti wf 1 4 20 5 11 0 I 1 50 4110 2 17 40 5110 5 15 50 6 7 0 41311 100 10 19 0 9411 1 flat i SUBURBAN THEATRES GUHCLGJ SBAYIIW GUNEML STRAHD.

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