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INAL EDITION JOUR NAlXXO URjlER NORTHWESTERN INDIANA'S GREATEST NEWSPAPER iL fc an I Alt WOO laUUdk CU iVM4 ik "reasonable to hold out the face school after which he attend WAR IN BRIE" 3 It the 1 yJ' If Marine cas on Iwo Jima have risen to cent ROBERT BURKE Robert Burke former Jef high school athlete died army' groujt punched to within 30 miles southeast of Bratislava and44 miles southeast of Vienna with the capture of Tarno Kreti Nagy Bajes 38 miles southeast tislava also fell to the soviets Other second army group forces north of the' Danube forced the Hron and Nitra rivers tributaries of the Danube on' a 45 mile front and advanced to within 51 miles northeast of Bratislava The capture of Bratislava would enable the Russians to advance frontally up the Danube valley between Lake Neusiedler and the Slovakian mountains toward Vi enna some 30 miles farther west the commentator said Ji nas crossea tne and traversing Germany NarrowEscpe John (JacklJShaw former Journal anjl 'Courier' sports writer had 'a narrow escapewhen 155 mil time ter BhelI uh istled' tnto the open B'bomb bays of his 'plane oh a mission over Austria recently You can ead the story of his harrow Ing experience as well as see a' picturejof him' peering through the? wreckage of hls ator on page 15 of themaga sine section published With this issue of the Journal and Courier distinct for a 50 per cent Increase' iingasoline for civilians withirnm days after the war tends in Davies also told newsmen that the petroleum administration for war hopes to close up shop with in 9Q days7 after the war on all fronts is "over The deputy administrator mer vice president of Standard Oil of California said oil men have many problems but thatithe A would like to see the oil industry settle its own prob lems without government control MtM (By United Press) A WESTERN' RONT: all of German Industrial Ruhr baafn" and Weser stronghold of Kassel ap pear imminent EASTERN RONT: Red army closings on Vienna from 'south nazis 'report 'soviet forces" have broken into Ratibor' on upper Oder and Glogau between Bres lau Berlin PACIIC: More'than 100 Super fortresses blast Japanese home island of Kyushu: in support of fleet bombardment of Okinawa 330 miles 'to the southwest AIR WAR: Huge force of Amet ican bombers and fighters fueL rail and industrial targets in Germany4 Allied "planes "cut all rail lines in central and tnorth eastern ItalyLjull continues on fighting 'fronts 'M sE orecast for Xngiana Mostly cloudy today JMleWediTby ''decreas ing cloudiness and betoming fail tonight and Sunday warmers Jn central portion 'today and tn stjoth portion Monday dpudy and mild temperature 7 axm ridy JPtmASaturdays High 55 inches Sum rises "6 530 Sun 1 hsi WASHINGTON if arch 31 The 'fedei al board revealed' "amount of money July to the beginning pf this year had been greater than in any other period in the history "of the United States six months the hoard disclosed increasedthe! "savings accounts Checking deposits and Ciash hand by ten billion dollars Three billion dollar of the' in crease came from checking ac counts dt Said four billion igf rom Savings accounts" LandCJ about three billion from currency in cir What thlsi means to the com monman isthat an increasingly tremendous" buying power has beep tied upland ywill be unleashed in the early post war years' a 4 reserve boa rd offi cial i 'S' What it war i division of hetreasu ry' de partment a treasurybpfficial ed is confidence that the public will have no in meet ing the seven billion dollar quotd for dndividuals in the orthcom in Seventh War' 'Loan a 'goal' which billion dollars greater fnf the 'previous drive' A 'Checking J''depositi bf I'ndi? viduals as January 4 are 21 bil dollars bdard statedTwhile total checking5 hold fncludifig partnerships (and corporations Jare 66 billion dollars CAIRO March The Cairo newspaper Akbar Yttm said that 'fadio'L stations throughout the world would have an announcement of the great est Mut 9 a Sun dwf I "i JRadio' chains in the United States 'said they 'had heard noth ing if such an expected announce AMERICANS LAND ON NEGROS ISLE Only One Other Large Island In Archipelago Is ih Pos session of Enemy t( MANILA March 31 American troops of the 40th in fantry division have landed on Negros fourth largest' island of the Philippines' Gen Douglas Mac ArUiur "'announced today Moving across the Guimaras strait from southern Panay and its satellite island un der yoVer of air and naval sup port'" the 40th division troops landed at Bago and Pulupandan on the West coast They drove swiftly northeast wardfor 14 miles brushing aside ineffectual enemy resistance cap tured the Bacolqd airdrome and reached the outskirts of Bacolod city capital of Negros A second force swept south ward 11 miles to capture Pon tevedra and pushing inland along the Bago river took Santa Ani ceta effected contact with guerilla forces under Col Abcede The Japanese now ihold unchal lenged but one big island Bohol the entire hrchipelago On? Cebu island just east of Negros the division with air support advanced north ward to take Mandaue and Man da northeast of the captured islant Cebu City On Cebu also A forces effected contacVWith gueci ''iUnaIei and' 1 aazl WW a were Jctavanciiij MtBecapMl fix clear QI we isianu entire visayan Islands of the central Philippines MacArthur said the Japanese 3r a 1 A 1 3 A A VS A seem oewnuereu auu vaacaa is' collapsing rapidly to the north In Luzoh and fearful of his posi tion 'ito a the in Mindanao hehas neglected his center' and it exposed to a series of di ver gent which are prpv ing MacArthur saidjn a communique In addition to the landing on Negros MacArthur announced that his men had taken little Caballo island south of Cbrregi dor in Mapila bay site of ort Hughes 500 Slow Allies JiT Escape Germans WITH THIRD ARMY Ger many March 31 (UP) More than 500 allied prisoners of War were free today because they were slow footed They were part of a group of 2 000 captive's the Germans set on the road for a forced march deep er into Germany as sixth divisionrmored columns raced into the area south of Giessen Many of the prisoners were too Hi to march Others lagged delib erately and the Germans were unable to make theni keep up With the rest of the column inally a large part of the lag gards were overtaken and reached byT American tankmen Most of the 2000 prisoners had been captured from mid December to early January during the Ger man counteroffensive into Bel gium Slayer Exonerated CLEARWATER la March 31 wi'(AP) Iris Williams 17 year old School girl with slaying her father as he beat her mother hay been exonerated by a coro The jury said that Oscar Wil liams 51 died of inflicted by his daugh Iter but that the act was since it was in defense of 'her mother" ood Prices Drop ''INDIANAPOLIS March 31 ood prices In Indianapolis 'dropped l6 per cent in ebruary according to the national indus trial 1 conference board survey The food jfrice decrease offset rises of P2 per cent in house fur nishings and 9 in clothing? Sun dries housing fuel and light prices remained thesame as in January a 4Seaoriable WVa Mar 31 (UP)A young1" lady with a very seasonable name enlisted in jthe? Wacaf today 1 Born on Easter Sunday years iiffnL th vnunir ladv will I be BA sivned tn Letterman General i hos pitai San w'a Wachospitartechrticianj' fL i Her name "is Miss Easter LillieCook 47 JAPANESE SHIPS SUNK OR DAMAGED BY AIR ORCES Combined American and British leets Con tinue Terrific Pounding of Ryukyu Isles Attacks Continue Into Ninth Straight Day GUAM March The combined United! States and BritishPacific fleets continued their terrific pounding of 'Japan's Ryukyu islands and leet Chester Nimitx announced further heavy damage inflicted on Uieanemy Carrier aircraft and warship gufi of Adm Raymond Al Spruances i NAZIS MA ASK OR ARMISTICE i Report Jhat High Command 1 nf orms Hitler Continuance of War Is Impossible LONDON Marc European reports said Adolf Hit ler and the German high com mand agreed at a dramatic all night meeting ending early today that Germany should seek an ar mistice but apparently delayed 4 action when the nazis refused to give up the government immedh ately The high! command informed Hitler 'that it was prepared to negotiate for an armistice If th nazi government would a Stockholm Tidningen' dispatch quoted by the Exchange Tele graph agency said The staff officers were Said to have contended that continuation of the war was impossible In of the allied breakthrough in the west aqd the soviet threat in the east COUNTER PROPOSAL Hitler? countered with a pro posal to abandon his position as sole leader in favor of a headed by Marshal Albert Kesselring" and Col Gen erdi nand Von Scho*rner commanders' on the western and eastern fronts Tidningen said Members of the council 1 under Kesserling' a and Yon Scho*rner would be? Reich marshal Hermann Goering' Ges tapo Chief Heinrich Hlmrnlazanda £xajid AdmJral KdrLDoenltz Hitlerwas saidto have 'told the generals they could open: negoti ations with theL allies hd and Qlmmler for In fernal order Tidningen the generals of thesbigh command rejected the final result of the conference which lasted from midday yesterday to early this morning was not known Tidnin gen said meeung was said to takenplace headquar 1 ters A Zurichdispatch' to the Ex change Telegraph agency said Hit ler finally conceded at the meet! hag 1 that Germany had lost tha war' 5GOEklJ(b SUICIDE? i Rdmors reached' Switzerland that Goeriilg had committed suicide and that4 Kesselring had been de prived of hh rank because of the collapse of the Westefn froriL 5 jrizii i njuiiireeL'i hilil Harry Bufke ZHe was graduated from Jeffersonhigh jichool in4938 and attended Purdue university for two years At the time of his en listment June 19 1944 he was employed by the aluminum com pany Hjle received boot training at Parris Island SC and was stationed at Le Jeune NC and Camp Pendleton Cal before going oversea last He was a member oftheirst Chris tian church In married Elizabeth Sines whd survives with two childrenKenneth4age 6 and' Nancy Lee ageT also his mother Mrs Eaton brother Harry Burke thia "city also a half sister Judy Eaton and a balf brother Billy Eaton yt wss JOSEPH METZGER Pfc Joseph Metzger 19 USMCwas killed in action on Iwo Jifiia ebruary 194 according to word received by his parents Born in Tippecanoe County July 21 1925 he was 'a son of Joseph and 'rances (Spitznagle) Metzger He was eraduated from St'' Boni ed St rancia at ilt Healthy O' and St Joseph "'acad emy at Rensselaer and en Jefferson high he was graduated? enlisted in the marine corps December 1 1943 and received graining at San Diego Cal Before going overseas last November he was stationed at Camp Pendleton Cal He was in the initial attack pn Two Jimaori' ebruary 17 Pfc Metzger 'was a member Of' St Bopiface church Holy Name society Order of i 'Besides his parents he? leaves a sister? Miss Mary Metzger and brother Rich aref Metzger both at 4 Yanks Seal Up Japs Caves MANILA March (AE Elements of the 38th di visiortj commanded by Brig Gen William Chase of El Paso Tex seized little Caballo island near Corregidorrln Manila' bay Thursday 7 About 220 of an' estimated "500 Nipponese'? oni' the island were by Yank commands one of which was Maj? Paul Lemasters Shelbyville quickly capture: oJie hll and drove Japanese fnto the5aves and tunnels second hill The invaders 'then collapsed the caves buhyingtheiroccupants alive ccutive Wsesfiiofr 'today was expected' to ln hn order tending 'the softcoal wage con tract to prevent a strike at mid night?" "a The expected procedure je an order fotua goday exten sion finally agreed upoff would retro active? to April 1' Spokesmen for thq operators realizing the evident inten tion to order an extension urged in the hearing that It be limited to days They' said that a Longer extension would subject to indefinite and? un known financial burden under the provision for' retroactive benefits They did Jiot directly Agree to an extension but thus indicated their acquiescence In a 3O day extension Pnsident John 'L' Lewis countered by raising the i question ofj responsibility to pay the retroactive VHe told the board the should pay hrescrdw to the gov ernment' 000 000' which said represented the30centsh ton'in creased costs for one month undei? the compromise contract proposed by Secretary of Labor prances Perkins 5 Theefkins: cdmprolhlse was ac cepted earlier in the 'week by thfe miners hn rejected: by? the op'prj ators Lewis accused the operators And goverment'agencies refusing to president's during ithafc? the miners Would be paid retroactive wages 'due' them iL they kept At work He said the answer to the ques tion guarantee of retroactivepaywould Whether the United Mine Workers can 'induce the miners to) stay At? worE after ACiosinIii on ADVANCED' HEADQUARTERS Bunpa Britr ish 14th army4 troops closing Ih on Japanese forces trapped in i a triangular ppeket south of Man dalay have seized thetown ofKyaukse24 miles south of dalay and on the 'mainroad and rail route fro'm Mandalay to Ran goon allied headquarters announc ed today? it The JapahesCj fought bitterly dn an effort to JJiold? the town And Strongrearguardsv Covered their withdrawal to the southeast ii yax Downs Jet Plane AT AN EIGHTH AIR ORCE IGHTER STATION IN ENG LAND Mafch Lt Pat rick Moore of Griffin Ind Was one of a group of Mustkng fight er? pilots who shot' German jet as' they attempted to intercept lying ortresses At tacking German North sea ports 5 Burns Proye atalINDIANAPOLIS IndMarch 31 (INS) James Jones 31 a paper hanger' was dead today of urns suffered March 20 at the "Hotel Washington in the: explosion of a steaming machine with which be was removing wallpaper Daniel Cromwell 57 a fellow worker sf fered minor burns Two Lafayette Marines Dead On Iwo Both Jeff Graduates Two more Lafayette fighting men have made the supreme sacti fice on bloody Iwb Jima near Japan the bad news being received at their homes here Saturday the day before Easter To another local home however came good news from the same battlefront Hie two young men who lost their lives both marines anj both Jefferson high school alumni were Pvt Robert Burke 24 husoana or the former Elizabeth Sines and father of two sjnall children and Pfc Joseph Metzger 19 son of Mr and Mrs Joseph Metzger by pass road and South street The good news came to Mr and Mrs 'Paul Butz whose son Ralph also a marine has fought all through the Iwo Jima cam paign Their long anxiety was relieved by word that he is safe and at a rest camp ualties 50 per 'i THE WEATHER fifth fleet carried their blazing atthek into the ninth consecutive day They were centering their rain of bombs and shells on the Ryu principal island of Okinawa 835 miles south of main land An unconfirmed enemy Domei News agency dispatch said the at tacking American fleet included about 15 battleships It declared a "powerful transport armada is following close behind" Nimitz still made no mention of Xhe Japanese reports that at tempted American landings on the Ryukyus in the vicinity of Oki nawa has been going on since Sunday landings have been attempt ed on Okinawa itself Domei dispatch said communique said the British force of aircraft carriers battleships and supporting units under operational com mand was continuing its attack today on the southern Sakishima group AIRIELDS ATTACKED American based Superfortresses meanwhile attacked airfields on the south Japan mainland island of Kyushu further crippling the ability to send planes in support of the Ryukyus defend ers A smaller force of 20i attacked the aircraft production center of Nagoya on Honshu was the 11th 29 attack on city communique also nounced warships bombarded Minami Baito east of the Ryuk yus the night of March 27 28 following night two carrier task attacked Kyushu and the5' 'Ryukyus Thpse xaid sanlrror damaged njese ships 'and destroyed or dam 1 (Turn to Page 2 Cql 3) 1 Rationing of Coal Declared Doomed WASHINGTON March 31 (AP) Rep Grant (R Ind) as serts the "Consumer declaration plan for coal rationing is doom ed to failurA before it is started "Policing qnd "enforcement of such a scheme would require an even greater swarm of policemen than A in its balmiest days ever dreamed the' South Bend republican said of the new order of the solid fuels administration In a in the congres sional record he added? New deal has announced how much coal each one? of us is going to get next Season and $is even telling the dealer tvhen it is to be delivered You will' get 80 per cent as much coal as you did' last year Whether yoq operate the most worthy or the most no torious business the world make any Before 5 the hew deal the? dates of deliveries by the coal merchant depended' not alone? on his supply of coal but4 also on' his available manpower and equip ment on the siz of our coal" binand on whether or not we had the money in the' summer to lay lip our supply of coal Washington inspired regu lations £iave planned it another way Consumer declarations must be filed by every "consumer of coal and the' retailer must for the correctness of! the Grant inserted la Tetter from Si Weber executive secretary of the Indiana Coal Merchants asso ciation who wrote: coal retailer is at the end of his rope we consider it high time that congressional ef fort be made to stop the parasitic growth of bureautic control which is invariably advanced under the guise of a wartime Joliet Spreads JOLTETClll March 31 (INS) fanned bya high wind today threatened to wipe out section of i business district of Joliet Two clothing stores (at the in tersection of Chicago and Clin ton streets) have been destroyed? and the Joliet National bank was afire All off duty policemen and fire men were called out to Aid in battling the fire ON THE WESTERN the 15th army has gone into action and now is holding frontline posi tion WASHINGTON March 31 The States has re jected a Russian request that' the soviet sponsoredPolish provisional government at Warsaw be in vited to the San rancisco se curity conference' MOSCOW March Premier Marshal Joseph Stalin tonight announced the capture of Raibor in Upper Silesia Jg ROME March Med iterranean air heavy bomb ers' today attacked Largest in 'Aus tria while the Vienna area was swept by Lightning and Mustang fighters' i March 31 Argentina was taken back into the family of the American nations today At a special meeting' of 'the Pan American Union governing board a resolution was speedily approved' expressing satisfaction with' ihe'measures adopted by the Argentine and open ing the Xfinal act pt the Mexico City copierence to th signature of The nieapures taken1 by the Ar gentine government included 'a declaration I' of war axis Pvt ferson March 8 of wounds received on Iwo Jima according to word re ceived by his wife 903 Union street He was a member of the fourth marines in 11920 Lewaaa sonoLrMrEaLEaton 162Q virginiarstreet and the lite a brief hearingWent into an ex NEWS BLACKOUT HIDES RUSS TANKS RACING TOWARD VIENNA LONDON March Red army columns swung north be hind outer easterA defenses today in a developing drive to take the Austrian capital from the south The tank forces were racing toward Vienna under a security blackout after turning the frontal defense line anchored on Lake Neusiedler with a push across the i Austrian border at Koeszeg 50 miles south of the capital Another column of Marshal eo dor third Ukrainian arxpy group also moving under a security blackout was less than 40 miles southeast of Vienna in a frontal advance toward the Lake Neusiedler line Marshal Rodion second Ukrainian army group on northern flank simul taneously struck out on a 100 riiile front for Bratislava capital of puppet state of Slo vakia and key to the Bratislava gap to Vienna South of the Danube the second ROME March 31 All enemy rail lines in central and I northeastern Italy were cut to 1 day following attacks by 'allied fighters and fighter bombers which accounted for sev eral more abridges' alled Medi terranean' headquarterfei Reported Rail largest iiy Austria were hit by heavy bombems despite unfavorable' weather me dium bombers of the allied tac tical air force? attacked rail bridges on the southfjn end of the Brenner Pass jorne and the vicinity of Bresci Night Intruder bombers round edout the day of assault on en emy? communications tend added extra attacks on supply dumps in the Po valley Iji Coastal aircraft blasted an am munition dump on the Gulf of Genoa and attacked yards in northwest Italy while (Balkan air force planes loosed rockets and bombs on enemy occiipted build ings supply dumps anils troop con centrations in northern Yugo slavia DRASTIC LIQUOR LAW OR STATE New Regulations! Become Effective April orbid Women at or Bars Vi EUGENE CADOU (INS Staff Correspondent) INDIANAPOLIS Mirch 31 hew drastjb liquor law will take effect tomorrow Under provisions aff the statute increased taxes on intoxicants and stricter regulations on taverns will begin at once but provisions for transfer of the lucrative? beer licenses jfrom demo crats to republicans will not take effect until May 1 if The early bird worker who en joys his little nip before a day of toil will be disappointed Monday The thirst parlors which have opened at 6 a and closed at midnight on weel nights an at 1 a on Saturday wjthjan hour Later theLak(county favor ites ppw ijlLJbegip operations at at midnight Oh all4" bights V'f The state leaders have begun The task5 ofAlloting jthe licenses whjch loathe tupe of about 90 pet dent now are held by aemocratS rulers have a tor? complete their turnover" BLOW TO NIGHT 5LUBS The new law strikes a blow at night clubs because it bans danc ing in the? sameropm in Which intoxicants are? in hotels and in bonafidir clubs aftaverh owner or so (Tur ik to Page Col 2) Promise Suh for? Easter Paraders 4 'n (By the Associated Press) The "sun' played hide and seek with rain clouds sovpr much of the country today' (Saturday) but gate i promise of Shining benignlyn Easter parade Hundreds ofcommunities and military installations planned 'to greet 'sunrise "yith ser vicescommemorating probably fori the' 'lst JUmejn the war against Qefmany resur rection jrjA Adm? Ernest King George Vce Presi dent Truman and Mrs ranklin Di Roosevelt will attend sunrise serviced 'Washington iColf "Alfred Oliver jr) army chaplain recently freed ia Philippines prison camp will par ticipate 'ih Arlington National cemetery services which ated T5years ago 'In'Baltimore 5000 are expected to attend Sunrise serv ices ln Baltimore Stadium Spon sored 21 EastWestMay A Meet in Berlin NEW YORK 'March' (INS) 'commentator of the Moscow radio expressed thepossibility to day that the first junction 'of (al lied forqes with: tire Russians in Germany in Ber lin In a broadcast Recorded by? the CC "A red army hqs crossed the Oder and traversing Germany in a westerly direction while An glo American have crossed the Rhine and are advancing east ward anp west will and Berlin woyjdbe asuitable ren 1 I 1 4 Womaii Sentenced INDIAN APOLTS i Marchr USl (UP) Mrs Olga Hammerling 44 faced a' dhy "prison term to day after her cojiQtjon on a charge of turning in a false fire alarm She also was pub lie intoxication Names Twin Sons WASHINGTON March (UP) Mrs MarthaJ Johnson ne gro? nas namipd hevt win sons Iwo Jima Their father Qeorgeis in the navy Cut loe ENTIRE WESTERN GERMANY IS Rail Lines Italy cuirnT un nv ai urn Anuiro oner i ur i hllilu hriyiilo i 7 'n Organized Resistance of Nazis on Northern ront CoUapsinOpeiijrig WayorXnock out Drive to Berlin Iaws Closing 'Ion oes VV PARIS March Allied armies overran the entire west ern Quarter of Germany today? In an almost unonnosed armored sweep that engulfed the Ruhr basin and threatened momentarily to spill aitvoo UIVVVOVIgAtVVl iiiiG niwiui a zuuvq VAmerican third army troops were closest to the In fh oroa nf Ulntrnin nf 1 4 rf the central defenses on the Weser river The Yanks were less than'lO miles south of the city and advancing at a rate that promised to reach it by nightfall Almost? 3000 American and British tanks probably the greats est armored? host in the history of (Warfare were running riot across thousands of square miles of German soil along the northern and central roads to Berlin iqld dispatches said all organ ized German resistance on the northern half of the front at least had fallen apart opening the way for a knockout drive on the enemy capital is final London newspapers de clared flatly as the allied high command announced that the rench first army had "Swept across the Rhine to join seven other allied armies storming through inner fortress The American first army and ield Marshal Sir Bernard Anglo A meric a armies virtually sealed off the arsenal cities adf the Ruhr with converging drives from the south and north that may already have linked up on the 50 mile stretch between Paderborn and Muenster United Press War Correspond ent Ronald Clark reported that the remnants of five crack Ger man divisions perhaps 30000 to 40000 men were in headlong flight to escape the closing jaws of the allied trap The speed of the allied ad vance was pointed up by the dramatic announcement that the luftwaffe had evacuated its great fighter bases north and south of (Turn to Page Coi' A INDIANAPOLIS March Indiana sater police sought today todetermine if three ban dits captured after they robbed Greenville Illy of $20000 yesterdayzhad Hoosier crime rec ords N' The trio two of whom said they lived in Indiana was suspected of holding up the Ladoga Ind Build ing anil Loan association office March 23 and fleeingwith $600 ederal 'bureau 'of' investigation agents at Springfield HI said last night that they would question the meiabout the Ladoga holdup The men gave their names and addresses as Raymond Boos 17 Indianapolis Stanley Stringer 31 (23 Collidge Ave)? Hammond Indi? arid Carl auls 26 Detroit Captured in a corn field near Litchfield TIL the bandits were found with $22745 jewelry and typewriters valued at more than1500 While BI said that eaily questioning failed' to produce an admission of any holdup' except at Greenville Indiana authorities claimed descriptions of the men perfectly with thpse of the Indiana robbers Sgt David Laughlin of state police headquarters said' De Herman reed of the La fayette reported the coincid ing descriptions after talking by telephone with Illinois authorities Three men Up four em ployes of? the Ladoga business and forced 'them 'into a washroom while they pilfered the cash draw er" and fled toward Indianapolis in a large black sedan azis Dose at Sea LONDON March A German submarine and 12 enemy aircraft destroyed in the latest battle along the northern convoy route to Russia the ad miralty announced today In the attack which occurred on' the return trip from Russia the allied alsosuffered some losses including the Bluebell which was" sunk two other ships damaged and two aircraft lost HOPE TO AVERT MINE STOPPAGE War Labor Board Seeking to Extend Wage Contract to Head Off Walkout BULLETIN WASHINGTON March 31 The war labor board today ordered an unlimited extension of the soft coal wage contract which expires at midnight with full ret roactive pay to the miners for any wage increases finally agreed upon WASriXTONMarcir £1 Strike Launched By Bus Drivers INDIANAPOLIS Ind March 31 (INS) Scores of war workers and early morning Easter holiday travelers found themselves strand ed without transportation today because of a strike of Indiana' railroad bus drivers which began at 2:30 a The company operates lines out of Indianapolis to ort Harrison to ort Wayne via Anderson and Muncie to ort Wayne via Ko Komo and envand to Terre Haute by way of fGreenestle Army hauled soldiers who were left without transporta tion by the strike The transportation tie up fol lowed a strike vote conducted by approximately 90 drivers members of the Amalgamated Association of Street Electric Railway and Motor Coach Employes of Ameri ca (AL) Previously the union had asked that the bus superintend ent Barlow Neely be discharged and the company has refused NEW AIR BLOWS TO WEAK REICH Yankee arid British Bombers Continue to Rock oes' Big Industrial Cities LONDON March A huge aerial armada of at least 2500 American and British planes rocked some of big gest industrial cities today in a shattering blow on the faltering reich The heavy assaults by the Eighth Air orce and the RA bomber 'command lashed prime in dustrial targets as close aa 30 miles ito Berlin and ripped nazi submarine yards at Hamburg for the second straight' day Lt Gen James Doolittle sent more than 1300 lying ortresses and Liberators with an escort of 850 Mustangs and Thunderbolts into the attack while the RA mountstXQQg forces of Lan casters Mus sup'portTT The' 'BHtislteerialWorces jCon centrated on the? Blohmand jVosfc submarine building yafds atjHatn burg which was one of? the main targets Lof big Arrfferican at tack yesterday HAMMER OIL PLANTS The Eighth Air orce in ting Germany tin strength for the second successive day hammered at oil plants and rail "yards The? daylight assaults followed another night attack on Berlin stretched east6f the' western front: '''w? Vj? by" British Mosquitoes which bkve failed to hit the nazi capital only one night lit nearly a month and a'Jialf Some Cheer for Gasoline Users LOS March (AP) Down to your last coupon? cheer: Ralph Davies deputy petro leum administrator for war says lVoI 26 No 78 the courier established issi" LAAYETTE SATURDAY EVENING MARCH 3f 1945 the journal established is 10 PAGES AND THREE CENTS 3000 TANKS RIDDLE NAZI DEENSES.

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